If you cash a check at Walmart one question that primarily comes to your mind is that “How to cash a check at Walmart?”. It gives an opportunity to provide an introduction to the great corporate giant-Walmart. Walmart, is a great company which stands tall above all other companies in the entire globe now. It successfully operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores. Sam Walton established Walmart Inc in the year 1962 and incorporated it in the year 1979.From there on wards Walmart started its successful journey.Hence it evolved as the world’s largest company in terms of turn over revenue.Total turn over comes to around dollar 500 million.

Walmart strictly follows some rules and regulations in every functions.To cash a check at Walmart needs to follow some rules and procedures. Above all a visit to Walmart gives you a clear picture regarding the same.

Cash a check at Walmart:

It is easy to cash a check at Walmart without relying on any checking or savings account. It is not a must that one should have a savings account at a local or global Bank. You can easily cash a check at your nearest Walmart center. There are certain criteria to present checks in check cashing counters including Walmart .

Checks should meet all the criteria:

Make sure that the check that you intend to cash at Walmart should meet all the requirements. Walmart servicing is really excellent and services are open. Therefore You can easily cash a check at Walmart. you have to make sure that it meets the required criteria. These checks may include tax government checks, payroll checks, insurance settlement check and the list continues.

Walmart as a company does not accept any sort checks with errors on it. Hence, it is better if one use a software to print checks. It is true that most of the people nowadays depend not on handwritten text but on online check software.It helps to write and print checks very easily and comfortably. Another thing that you have to keep in mind is that Walmart will not allow you to cash a check for any value which exceeds $ 5000 at one go.

Which type of checks are possible to cash from Walmart?

Walmart accepts Checks including pre printed checks,payroll checks, government checks, checks related to tax and cashier’s checks. In addition to that it cashes all the checks associated with insurance settlements and 401(k),retirement disbursement checks and Money gram money orders .

Endorsing the check

A person before cashing a check at Walmart must be ready with proper documents when the process starts. Endorsing a check is a necessary step in check transaction. In a situation when you receive a check which is provided by someone, you should endorse the check before you submit it for cashing or depositing. One should sign on the back side of the check at the left end. Thus by providing a signature in the specified path on the back side of the check you can endorse a check.Furthermore, if you are endorsing your check, you have to keep in your mind that you should put the same signature at the back of the check which you have put in the front side of the check.

Analyze the details on the check before you cash it at Walmart.

It is also important that you should have a good verification regarding the legitimacy before cashing a check at Walmart. A good software usually provides factors that can help you to ensure the correctness of the checks. Next step is to identify and analyze the account number and other details. Three distinct set of numbers are there at the bottom of every check. From the left, the first number is the bank routing number followed by account number and check number. At the bottom left side of your check nine digit account number is located . You have to scrutinize for all these details and have to make sure regarding the financial data .

Approaching a Walmart store

You can visit a Walmart center located next to you with identification proof Identity proof could be a passport or driving license and they may ask you for your social security number . You have to cross check and ensure that the check is free from any type of stains wrinkles or smudges. The factor behind this is that there is a chance that checks can be rejected because of these reasons. Walmart provides high standard of customer service for its Walk in customers. As long as the check cashing desks are open, you can go to any money Center counter or customer service center of Walmart to cash a check.

Check cashing charges at Walmart

It is obvious that a small payment of fee is required while cashing a check at Walmart but it’s not a big amount .In the case of pre -printed checks, If the value of your check is up to and including $ 1000, Walmart will only charge you $4 .For pre- printed checks which worth a sum between $1000 and $5000, you have to pay $8 for the same.The payment can be done directly from the cash you received or by a credit card that you have in your hand.

Two options are available after this. You can either collect cash from Walmart or money can be loaded into your Walmart money card. While adding money to your Walmart money card it is an advantage that you don’t have to pay any amount as card reloading fee will be waived off.

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