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On top of Right of Page Click

Setting > Check Design > High Light bank Ac > Edit Design (To Add New Template/Bank Account click New)


Here you can Edit Check design, add or remove any elements like Check Number, Logo (What to print and not to print on Check).You can drag and reposition any element.


If you are adding new Bank Account/Check Template, the simplest way is to clone it of the one you already made. Select that existing Bank Account design / Template and click Clone. Next page enter new template bank account number, routing number and name Address to be printed on the Check.


If you want to use Pre-Printed Check or any other type ( Top, Bottom, Middle or Wallet Size) , you will see options to select one after clicking NEW

If you mess up – Don’t Worry

Above the check preview on your screen, there will be a dropdown menu that says “Go Back to Default Style”. Please open that drop-down menu and select one style and Update!!