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  • First of all, you need to add a bank account.  You can go to Settings>Bank Account>New
    • Select check paper type – You can change/modify it later.
    • Put your company information, routing number, account number etc (If you have selected pre-printed check you don’t need to provide real routing number and account number)
    • Sign It right now/ Sign Later
    • After that goto New Check from the left panel
    • If you don’t have any payee yet please click new payee button and add a payee
    • Then select bank account, amount, select payee then click save & print. (But if you are planning to print multiple checks at a once click save then go to Check List select  checkbox (you can select multiple checkboxes) from the left side then click print it will show you a print preview )
    • Now you are ready to print your check but if you see date and website URL is printing on your check follow this video to remove the header from checks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esk3ZO3W0vc

Possible Common/Problem you may for the first time:

 Print preview is not coming right 

Solution: Make sure you are using chrome browser, not internet explorer. Also, make sure on your print preview screen scale is 100 %, Page Orientation: Portrait and Page Size: Letter