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Looking for a Platform to Print Gusto Checks

Oct 26, 2022 | Check Printing Software

Printing checks is an effective way to receive checks without wasting any of your time or money, and is your best bet if you’re seeking a check printing platform. Printing checks from Gusto is much easier than you think, thanks to our platform’s integration with Gusto. Quickly receive your check without spending any time.

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Gusto and

Using, Gusto checks can be imported and printed as needed. To print, email, or physically deliver checks to your payees, integrate Gusto with and import payrolls from other businesses. Print checks containing payee information for several companies and accounts at once. Use our check printing software to immediately print imported checks on blank stock paper.

How to Integrate Gusto?

  • Click integration at the top of the page after opening You will be directed to a menu for third-party integration from the page.


  • Select the business you wish to link with and authorize using your Gusto login account.


  • Import checks into by connecting your account. Create checks, then instantly convert them into a checklist.


Gusto vs QuickBooks

Gusto is less expensive than QuickBooks and provides superior benefits, payments, and HR support alternatives. It takes less time for QuickBooks payroll to handle direct deposits, and you can purchase health insurance in all 50 states without having to check whether it is available in some of them.

Gusto vs Zenefits

Gusto is a user-friendly payroll software with add-on services for small businesses’ benefits administration and retirement planning. Payroll is more of an add-on feature on Zenefits’ HR platform. For very small enterprises, Zenefits is more affordable, but as your company grows, Gusto becomes more cost-effective. 

Gusto vs Paychex

Paychex can serve small, mid-sized, and enterprise enterprises, but Gusto is specifically made for small businesses. Gusto is not as scalable as Paychex, so you shouldn’t be concerned about outgrowing.

Benefits of printing your own checks

  • Security: You should keep your pre-printed checks in a more secure location since they can easily be used to produce self-serving payments if someone with evil intentions gets their hands on them. Printing on blank stock will not carry the same dangers, so you can store it in an accessible location without worrying.


  • Save Money: You will pay more if you order checks than if you print your checks. So stop taking orders and begin printing checks right away.


  • Waste of Checks: If printed checks contain errors, all that is required is to trash that specific check, make the necessary corrections, and print the updated checks right away—saving time and money. This is not the case with pre-printed checks if any mistakes are seen, we have to destroy the entire check.

Other Integration in

Our online platform is connected with the accounting programs Zoho and QuickBooks. Similar to Gusto, the platform allows you to import checks from QuickBooks and Zoho, where you may print or mail them as eChecks. Identically, you can link several bank accounts and their check formats thanks to the connection with 22000+ banks and financial institutions. Along with helping you avoid having your account affected by fraudulent checks, it even provides bank reconciliation solutions.

If you want to get checks instantly from Gusto, don’t hesitate to try our online platform. You can print high-quality checks without wasting time and money. Getting checks by printing yourself is the most efficient and safe way to get checks.

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