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Online Check Writer was initially being made for the internal purpose itself to solve our problems and later released to the public to solve other small businesses’ money movement problems. It is a Delaware based C Corporation having the main operation based in San Jose, CA, and Tyler, Texas.
We tried using so many software programs in the market for creating checks, but no one program met our basic requirements.

What made us launch?
Being in business we could not find a software which can address all little problems of small businesses while creating checks and efficiently distributing it.
What we do that no one else does?
Preventing fake and forged checks hitting Banks. Automatically reconciling checks and deposits you made. Automatically alerting any uncleared checks after 30 days and so on
Why we do things differently?
Online check writer can identify any forged check Hitting in your bank using artificial intelligence and data management.
How was our company founded?
We are a Delaware based C Corporation which already has an IT sector to maintain internal infrastructure. Check writing software released to the public and commercialized.
Digital Check Printing Software
Eventually, Online Check Writer became the best paperless Digital Check Printing software of the nation with more than 100 Thousand Happy people in every state of the nation. We Closely work with everyone in any customization they need for free and with our simple API also.


Since we are also in business, we know all the problems a small business faces while creating checks and distributing them efficiently and adequately. A small business cannot afford an extra employee to check the bank daily, making sure if any forged checks hitting. A small business cannot afford every time to dig through all the paperwork to find a check if some dispute, mainly when you write many checks. A business owner  cannot always run to a specific desktop to create checks; all of them are desktop versions.   The owner must be free to make checks from anywhere using any printer. So we introduced paperless Digital checks having an option to print also for those who opt the traditional way. There were several problems that made us create an online-based Digital check printing software which will address all the issues of a small business. After many years of use, we decided to share our solutions with the public.


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