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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to integrate QuickBooks with onlineCheckWriter?

Yes, of course. It is straightforward to integrate Quick Books with OnlineCheckWriter. If you already have made an account with OnlineCheckWriter, you have to go to the settings after logging into OCW and click on the Quick-Books button. Provide the username and password of your Quick-Books account, and your job is done.




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How can I take check prints while integrating Quick-Books with OnlineCheckWriter?

You may create checks with Quick-Books as you always do, and all the checks you made will automatically get downloaded to OnlineCheckWriter. Checks can be taken prints by clicking the print button of OCW.

Which type of printer should I use to print checks?

Any printer can be used to print checks using OnlineCheckWriter. Initially, all the banks insisted on MICR coded checks, and MICR implemented printers. However, after introducing the check 21 ACT, any laser printers can be used.

Which type of check paper is more economic while printing checks?

Instead of using pre-printed checks, blank check stock can be used, which is economical and is easily available. You can save at least 80% of your cost by using blank check stock.

How much I can save by integrating QuickBooks with OnlineCheckWriter?

Instead of printing checks on pre-printed checks, blank check stocks can be used. By this, in case you are printing 100 checks per month, you can save more than $ 30 per month. Another advantage is that you can save a lot of time.

Is it possible to save the check templates?

It will be a good idea to save the check templates as it will help recur payments. There is no need for the customer to create check templates again and again to print recurring checks.

Is there any security issues associated while dealing with Quick-Book checks?

Absolutely no. In fact, OnlineCheckWriter provides military-grade security for all the data associated. While printing checks on blank check stock, no bank data will be revealed to another person, and hence the entire process is highly reliable.

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