Rules for check cashing at Walmart

Rules for check cashing at Walmart is really simple.Walmart,one of the best service providers in the United states put forth some rules to check cash from Walmart.Walmart as a responsible entity always request its customers to follow these rules in order to make the check cashing transactions at Walmart smooth and customers who walk in can avoid unwanted confusions regarding the same.It is seen that these rules and regulations at Walmart for check cashing has increased the credibility of Walmart as its popularity is rising day by day.

Walmart-an introduction

Walmart is globally popular multinational retail corporate giant which successfully operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores as well as grocery stores. Walmart was opened in the year 1962, around 57 years back and got incorporated nine years later. Considering all the big companies globally, Walmart is undoubtedly world’s largest revenue accruing company and an employer employing highest number of employees around the world. A lion’s share of Walmart’s income comes from its operations at the United States of America.

Walmart money center facilities offered 

The Walmart Money Center possesses in-store facilities and also serves as an online substitute option in contrast to a bank. You can discover prepaid platinum cards, charge cards, money exchanges and money administrations at Walmart money center. All Walmart stores offer these administrations, regardless of whether they don’t have an assigned center. Usually Walmart money center starts functioning at 8 am till 8 pm In all the weekdays including Saturday. However on Sundays the working hours will be from 10 am to 6 pm.

Services provided at Walmart money center


Check cashing is one prime function that is carried out at Walmart money center. Any customers can just walk-in to a Walmart check cashing center and can payroll or government checks and it includes even tax refund checks. This procedure which is speedy and easy will help those customers who do not have a bank account or prepaid debit card.

Walmart money center also provide mobile checking account for the customers with a nominal monthly fee of $8.95 per month that can even be waived. Absolutely no credit card is required and this is much easier than any checking account.

Walmart provides Walmart credit card this credit card is accepted only at all the Walmart centers, Murphy gas stations and Sam’s club. Another facility offered by Walmart money center is that money can be send online anywhere in around the United States.

How can we cash a check at Walmart?

The process of check cashing at Walmart is really easy and comfortable. Walmart usually sets examples for excellent customer service as it is very obvious for everyone who has stepped into any branches of Walmart. At Walmart check cashing desk one can cash many a kind of checks that includes payroll tax, insurance settlement checks and all sort of government checks.

However it should be noted that Walmart check cashing center does not accept personal checks or any sort of hand written checks. Almost all the customers depend on online check writing software while presenting checks at Walmart.

Documents required at Walmart check cashing center

check draft software

check draft software

It is a fact that certain legal documents are required for cashing a check at any check cashing centers and this is same for Walmart check cashing centers. Initial step is to endorse the check and this can be done by a signature that is provided on the flip side side of the check. The name that is written on the check should be written at the back side prior to endorsements and any mis match in the name written will lead to deny the payment.

Another major factor that is needed before cashing a check at Walmart is to have a Government issued photo identification proof of any type such as driving license or passport copy. Social security number can be asked at the Walmart check cashing center and a fair preparation of your social security number (SSN) will help to evade further confusions.

Check that is presented at the Walmart check cashing center should be absolutely smudge free or should not be damaged or will be without any wrinkles.

Cash a check at Walmart money center?

It is to be noted that Walmart have a customer service counter and a Money center counter as well. Either you can proceed to any of this counters or you

How much should I pay for cashing a check from Walmart?

It is definite that a nominal fee should be paid as fee for cashing a check at Walmart. Authorities of Walmart say it will be one of the most economical fees that are available now. $3.00 should be paid as fee to cash a check at Walmart with a value at or below $1,000. You’ll have to pay a fee of $6.00 to cash a check with a value between $1,000 and $5,000.The options of paying cash can be direct or through credit card.

Things to remember while cashing check at Walmart

  1. Manually written checks at times are not accepted at Walmart check cashing center.
  2. Any corrections should not be made on the check.
  3. Walmart cashes all sort of typed checks or online checks.
  4. Regarding the due date, it should be within 180 days after it is issued. The due date is calculated from the date it is issued or written on the check.
  5. At the Walmart check cashing center the name mentioned on the identity proof that one produces should be the same as the name written on the check.
  6. Third party checks are not accepted by Walmart
  7. The particular person in whose name the check is issued should go directly and clear the check as a third person cannot interfere.



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