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Chase Bank Check Cashing

Chase bank is undoubtedly one of the major banks in the United States, with more than 5000 branches across the country with the number of ATMs running to more than 18000. Chase bank check cashing is such a natural process that the customer can make sure that there will be a chase branch nearby wherever he or she is in the United States. It is the accessibility advantage provided by Chase bank for its customers. Chase bank check cashing involves specific policies and also a particular fee. These policies and fees apply to both customers and non-customers.


What sort of checks do chase bank cash?

The service aspects of chase bank check cashing include cashing all types of checks, including personal checks, payroll checks, tax checks, and the list. All these check-cashing facilities are for the customers. However, for the non-customers, the bank will only cash checks drawn on a Chase account.

Chase bank check cashing factors are different for customers and non-customers. For customers, you need the bank account number and surplus money to cover the cost of the check cashed. In other instances, if the check that is going to cash if drawn from a Chase bank account, the balance amount in the report is not a problem. Generally, you do not have to produce your identity proof in this case.

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However, as far as non-chase bank customers are concerned, they have to produce identity proof such as driving license or passport to cash a check. Usually, one photo id proof is asked by the bank, however, in a scenario where if you have to cash a check over $500, One more id you have to produce in the bank as a part of Chase bank check cashing policy. Not only photo id, at times, but the bank will also ask to verify the address proof as well.

What are the steps involved in the chase bank check cashing process..?

There are two ways by which you can cash a check at chase bank. The customer can either get inside the bank branch, do the check cashing, or use someone drive-through transaction lanes. If you want to cash a check in a chase lobby, the customer has to sign at the backside of the check. For business checks, this will be on the top line, while for personal check, it will be on the only one line present at the backside of the check.
For a chase bank customer, one can write the chase account number on the line or space at the bottom part of your sign. For the bank teller, this will help him to make your transaction swiftly.

Generally, what is the check cashing time at chase?

During the regular working hours, anybody can cash a check at chase. The Chase bank check cashing facility is open from nine in the morning till six in the evening, and during Saturdays, it will be accessible only till 1.00 pm. On Sundays and federal holidays, there will be no transaction at chase.

What is the fee involved in the Chase bank check cashing process?

Chase bank usually does not collect any charge from its customers. However, for the non-customer, the fee comes to be $8 for each check cashed. For example, if the customer is cashing three checks from the chase bank and suppose the customer is not a cheese bank customer, he has to pay a fee of $ 24 to the bank. There are certain checks on which no charges will take, such as insurance checks, tax checks, etc.

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