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The process of check cashing at Walmart is really easy and comfortable. Walmart usually sets examples for excellent customer service as it is very obvious for everyone who has stepped into any branches of Walmart. At Walmart check cashing desk one can cash many a kind of checks that includes payroll tax, insurance settlement checks and all sort of government checks.

How do you cash a check at Walmart?

The process of Walmart check cashing is really easy .Customer whoever wishes for Walmart check cashing should be ready with a valid identity proof such as driving license. While submitting the check you have to provide your id proof, only for the first time. Then the system will accept your check by default. However it is to be noted that the checks that you present at Walmart should be error free. Most of the financial experts suggest free software to write checks to write and print checks nowadays.

However there are certain conditions that should be fulfilled during Walmart check cashing. These rules are also called the thumb rules.

  1. Walmart will not accept any type of checks that are written by hand.
  2. Any type of corrections should not be made on the check.
  3. Walmart cashes all sort of typed checks.
  4. The due date of the check is 180 days after it is issued. The due date is calculated from the date it is issued or written on the check
  5. Name on the identity proof that one produces at the Walmart center should be the same name written on the check.
  6. The amount written on the check should be same or less than $ 5000.
  7. Third party check will not be accepted for Walmart check cashing.
  8. The person on whose name the check is issued should go directly and clear the check as a third person cannot interfere for the process of Walmart check cashing.

Does Walmart accept personal checks?

Definitely Walmart accepts personal checks and is usually done for the payment of products and it needs a valid identity proof, specifically an identity proof with a photo encrypted which is issued by the state or Federal government. It can be a state identity card, driving license, US passport or can be even an immigration identity card.

For the first time while you cash a personal check for Walmart check cashing, the teller at Walmart will ask for your identity proof and also phone number. Entire details will get recorded into the system of Walmart and hence for any type of future Walmart check cashing transactions, any type of identity proof will not be required.

Can you cash a certified cashier’s bank check at Walmart?

Cashing a certified banker’s check is same as cashing any type of other usual checks from Walmart. Only thing while one has to look for while Walmart check cashing is that it should be printed check. However Walmart is currently accepting checks which are handwritten below an amount of $ 200.

Will Walmart cash my check without an ID?

It is mandatory that the customer should have a valid Identity proof during Walmart check cashing, even though it may not be required during the second time on wards. Hence it is an impossible task to cash your check without an identity proof.

Does Walmart cash second party checks?

Actually Walmart does not accept second party checks. Strict training is provided for the staff of Walmart not to accept second party checks ( a check that is written by one party to another).However recently Walmart has started to accept second party checks but with a limitation up to $ 200.The customer has to pay a nominal amount of $6 as the transaction charge and also he/she has to present all the necessary documents.

Will Walmart cash my check with a temporary paper ID?

That depends on the type of the temporary paper that you have. If it is a state issued driving license or any other legal documents that Walmart usually has in its document list, Walmart will accept your check. It should be noted that the photo on the identity proof should be clear enough.

Why would Walmart not cash my IRS check?

It is to be noted that IRS check is not a genuine type of check. It is a fact that the checks are drawn always from banks. However, Treasury of the United States is not a bank. Since Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is not a bank but a Government authority accountable for the collection of taxes and implementation of taxes, checks from IRS are not accepted at a Walmart center.

What’s the Max amount Walmart will cash on a check?

As far as Walmart check cashing process accept income tax refund checks up to $ 8000.Walmart also cashes regular checks up to $5000.A nominal fee of $3 is associated with Walmart check cashing process for checks up to $ 999.99 and a fee of $6 for $1000 and above.

Define Walmart check cashing process:

Check cashing is one prime function that is carried out at Walmart money center. Any customers can just walk-in to a Walmart check cashing center and can payroll or government checks and it includes even tax refund checks. This procedure which is speedy and easy will help those customers who do not have a bank account or prepaid debit card.

Walmart money center also provide mobile checking account for the customers with a nominal monthly fee of $8.95 per month that can even be waived. Absolutely no credit card is required and this is much easier than any checking account.

Walmart provides Walmart credit card this credit card is accepted only at all the Walmart centers, Murphy gas stations and Sam’s club. Another facility offered by Walmart money center is that money can be send online anywhere in around the United States.








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