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Still, Cash remained the most frequently used retail payment instrument in the world, used in nearly one-third of all transactions.ps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter cash expense into OnlineCheckWriter.Com for my reporting purpose?

Click “Cash expense list” and “New” then select where you paid, how much any details like memo and save it

How do I create a category for cash expense?

All category Created across your account will be visible at Cash expense also. You can always create a new category when you enter a new transaction or you can go to the setting > category and create a new one or edit. Onlinecheckwriter.com remember each category for a specific payee for future purpose, you don’t have to enter it each time

Can Online Check Writer Accommodate Recurring Cash Expense?

Yes, you can. Simply add a Recurring feature when adding a cash expense and let OnlineCheckWriter.Com remember to add that transaction in the specified occurring dates you selected and set up.

Is Cash Expense visible at centralized reporting?

Yes, cash expense can be visible in its own reporting or in the central reporting along with Checks, Deposits, Check Drafts with specified category, bank account or Dates.

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