Pay Bill by a Check and Keep Reports With You.

Pay bill through a traditional check, or you create a check we print and mail it to your payee directly on the same business day without leaving a check at your desk. Email your check to your payee and let them print it for one time. Latest trends, digitalize your checks, and transfer paper check electronically.
We help you to Pay bills without any troubles. A recurring option is available to pay your bills. It does not just pay the bill but print your checks online on any printer. We can print and mail your check via USPS on the business day that costs around $1.00, which include postage stamp, envelope, etc. Print deposit slips of any bank online. Prevent unauthorized checks by integrating with your bank institution. Enjoy interactive smart reporting and personal budgeting.
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Unlike card payments, online check writer helps you to pay bills without any charge — print transaction reports for each bill payment. Budget management made free. Reconcile your payments with your bank accounts automatically by integrating, import checks from QuickBooks online or QuickBooks Desktop automatically and print it on one stock of blank checks paper for multiple bank accounts.

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Why Do You Choose to Pay

Bills by Check rather Bank’s

Bill Payment System?

Bank takes funds out of your bank account right away regardless it paid or not to the payee. Bank also send paper checks to the payee you selected most of the time. This paper check takes a week or 10 days to reach your payee and another same amount of time them to deposit and get cleared, but funds already are taken out your account by your Bank. This cycle gives billions of dollar leverage to the Bank and sell that money for a higher profit, some time back to you also for your home mortgage or so. If that paper checks lost, it takes another hassle to call the Bank to resend the check again to them, but funds are already taken out from your bank account.

Let’s say; you send a gift check to your family member. This check gets lost, and your family member never complains that thinking you never send it but funds have already gone from your account which makes you believe that your check delivered. Now funds are with the bank, the check is not cleared, and your money has taken out from your account. Suppose, if you are sending a surprise check to someone and get lost it via bill payments of the bank system!

All these issues will be solved when you pay a bill by check. Pay a bill to your payee through onlinecheckwriter. Your funds deducted only when that paper check clear traditionally or electronically from your bank account by them.

How Most of the Bank process Pay bill?

Most of the bank’s online bill-paying service is not provided directly by the bank. They deduct the funds from your account right away and often outsource this service to a third-party provider of bill-paying services.


The service provider agents functions and located in foreign countries. These farm out customer agents have access to your bank account number, Social Security number, and your balance. This result that people have your personal information in countries where you have no rights, and not secured. Moreover, enemies of your nation can easily access your data.

Pay bills & get additional benefits

Keep fund in your account till the check gets cleared.

Transaction statement created by default.

Keep track of every payments.

Add employee or user to keep track of it

Helps in personal budgeting

Bills can be paid from any where at any time.

Amazing Fact
Most of the professionals in the United States make check payments against bills. You are able to keep the funds until it cleared by the payee.
No Credit card. Cancel any time you need.
Frequently Asked Questions of Bill Pay
Can i pay bill online?
Yes, you can. You can create your check using online check writer and can send your check created against bills online.
Are there any extra charges incurred while paying my bills?
Absolutely not.While you pay bills, you don’t have to pay any extra charges.It is absolutely free.Thus you can save your money and time.
Is it posssible with any type of bill payment?

As far as the receiving client is ready to accept checks,which most probably will,it is possibe for you to pay bill by checks.

How Do I Set up?
You really do not have to do any additional setup to pay bill.All you have to do is to avail the service of onlincheckwriter.It is cloud based software and comes with trial period.


Online Check Writer can really help you seamlessly create Deposit Slips on demand with your team and giving more time to focus on your business. We love to create checks and Deposit Slips and keep a track of it for you. Need more! Invest with us.

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