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Online Check Writer is continuously gaining an upward momentum and to keep the growth at the sustained rate – we are open for investments. Invest smart with leading technology.

We are continuously working towards improving customer experience. We are inviting investors to join hands with us. Please drop us note at

Digital Check
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What We Are Solving

Started as converting 17.4 Billion Number of paper checks processed in the United States yearly to digital Checks and 25 Billion number of ACH to an instant, low-cost RTP along with Corporate Cash Management, and ended as a full fledge payment platform for all kind of transactions.

Pay & Get paid, easier than ever before, with no transaction cost or almost zero.

In the last few years, we have built an extensive network of businesses, organizations, communities, corporations, and individuals striving to get paid and pay without spending thousands of dollars in transaction fees.

More to come.

That’s why we’re raising $100 million over the coming year. This will allow us to increase our resources, improve current coverage and expand our services geographically. We’ll increase our reach to serve 22+ million businesses around the world. Together, let’s do it and build a greater widespread AI-powered technology that more people use every day.

Bank of America funded/financed . Officially integrated with QuickBooks.  Online Check Writer connects B2B by digitalizing checks.

global impact on digital checks

Online Check Writer Network works with Businesses and individuals around the world to pay and get paid faster with no transaction fee.

Become an Impact Investor

Online Check Writer is offering our community the opportunity to invest in Digitalizing checks through a Direct investment in the U.S. We believe that Online Check Writer is a critical resource that eliminates billions of dollars worth of transaction fees and gateway fees paid to giants like Master, Visa, Discover and Amex by digitalizing checks with no cost and in one click.

We also believe that Online Check Writer should offer a return on these investments. A Direct investment allows us to provide both accredited and non-accredited U.S. investors the ability to invest as little $100,000.00.

Offer Loans, Grants, and Other Investments

Online Check Writer also seeks to partner with foundations and financial institutions to secure the growth capital. This group of investors can help fund our mission and vision to support the technology required in digitizing checks on a global scale by providing a Program Related Investment (PRI), an operating support grant, or offering a direct, or syndicated loan.

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