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Pay By Credit Card

Pay Vendors With Your Credit Card, Even If They Don’t Accept Cards

Pay By Credit Card can be used by any business to pay rent, taxes, and payroll easily, even if the payee does not accept credit cards. Your vendors/suppliers/contractors receive payments as checks, ACH, or wire transfers. Payee doesn’t have to pay any merchant fees. You can choose how they get paid. Earn card points on every purchase. powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Pay your vendors, contractors, distributors, agents, and suppliers.

No Payee charges levied

Third-party payments.

You Can Use Your Card to Pay Any Business





Raw materials

And more

Pay by Credit Card Anyone Without Worries

Payee Don’t Have To Signup To Receive Fund

Pay by Credit Card: The Payee Receives Funds as Check, Wire, or ACH.

No Worries About Transaction Costs

Due to the accompanying transaction fees, your vendor may have previously refused to take credit card payments, or they may have demanded an additional price to cover those fees. Credit card charges’ inconvenience is no longer an issue.

You can use credit cards, the payee has no transaction charges, and you can keep all your credit card reward points. Start an – powered by Zil Money subscription to enjoy this benefit right away.

Enhance Cash Flow

Use your credit card to cover expenses to free up cash flow.

Gain Greater Rewards

Earn card rewards for transactions that don’t accept cards.

Time Critical

Purchase goods and services that need to be paid right away.

Early Payment Discounts

Earn rewards on your card while capturing early-pay discounts from vendors.

Pay by Credit Card Anyone Without Worries; Preserve Cash Flow

Never Run Short on Cash; We Can Pay for You. You Can Choose to Pay Using Your or Our Fund in Every Payment.

Small businesses often have to pay their vendors and suppliers more quickly than they receive payment from their customers leading to a cash crunch. Not anymore! – powered by Zil Money helps you pay your business invoices quickly with instant fund availability.

Preserve Cash Flow

Provide vendor information and payment details.

You may schedule or make a payment and we will charge your credit card for the amount of the payment (Normal credit card charges of 2.95% applies).

You can decide how the payee get paid: Check, Wire or ACH

A Woman Using Her Phone in Front of a Computer Screen Displaying Payment Options, Including "Pay by Credit Card", Email Checks, ACH, Wire Transfer, and More.

Mail Check Payment from Credit Card and Wallet – powered by Zil Money, offers a convenient solution for users to receive mail checks from Credit Card and Wallet payments. This innovative feature simplifies transactions for customers, streamlining the process and enhancing efficiency. Users can securely and effortlessly manage their payments by seamlessly integrating credit cards and wallets, making – powered by Zil Money, a valuable tool for modern financial transactions.

Efficient Payroll Management with Credit Cards – powered by Zil Money, payroll by credit card simplifies your cash flow. Payroll by credit card allows you to efficiently manage payroll, whether you’re short on funds or need more. Also, you’ll earn reward points with each transaction and enjoy faster payment processing during critical times. Simplify your payroll processing by using a credit card today.

Multiple Payment Options


What to do if my vendor refuses to accept credit cards?

Don't worry at all! - powered by Zil Money to process credit card payments for vendors who don't accept them. Your vendor will not receive funds as credit card payments but as checks, wire, or ACH.

Does my vendor/supplier have to pay any charge to receive payments via credit card?

No. - powered by Zil Money, doesn't charge any merchant fee because it accepts card payments. You pay a small 2.95% fee for each transaction, an industry-standard business cost.

Can I pay by credit card even if my vendors don't accept that?

Yes., powered by Zil Money, manages your credit card payment even if the receiver does not accept card payments. The payee receives the payment via ACH, wire, or check.

Pay by Credit Card vs. No Pay by Credit Card

Pay via credit card with - powered by Zil Money enhances your cash flow, makes time-sensitive payments, and earns rewards on your card while capturing early pay discounts from vendors. Without - powered by Zil Money, the payee suffers from high transaction costs and time-consuming account creation processes.

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