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Instantly Create Invoice

Our check printing software comes with invoicing service. You can instantly create an invoice and send it to your customer using our system.

Save Operational Cost

Save operation cost using our invoice service. Do everything in one place. Print Checks, Print Deposit Slips, Create Invoice, and Get it paid.

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Get paid invoice By Check Draft

Check draft is the easiest way to get paid your invoices over the phone, fax, or online. There is no transaction fee or Gateway fees like a credit card or ACH. Once you create an invoice with ease of a click, it will convert to check Draft, and a check draft will create on behalf of Payee, which would not require a signature. Check draft is a check created by merchants on behalf of the payee with proper authorization. Once you create and print check draft, it will deposit to your bank just like you deposit a regular check .

Do you know? You save much money having a blank check paper on top of how easy it is. You do not need to order any more pre-printed Costco checks, Chase checks or checks unlimited.

Use our apps in the QuickBooks App Store.

  • Create Invoice
  • Save Payee

  • Save Product or Service for Future Use

  • Excellent and Professional
  • Currently, we only Support USD as a currency

  • Convert Invoice to Check Draft and Get Paid

Did You Know… Some Companies handle almost 300 invoices per day per employee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you support recurring invoicing?
  • Yes, we do Support Recurring Invoices.
Is it Free?

This module is absolutely free.

What is an invoice and what is it used for?

Invoices are a type of document for bookkeeping. An Invoice is additionally called a bill also. Invoices are used in bookkeeping to record sales, deal exchanges and to request demand of payment.

How does an invoice work?

Running a business requires you to collect payments from your customers for products or services rendered. When you charge by invoice, you are billing your customers for their purchases. You can request payment when the customers receive the goods or services or allow them to pay their bill at a later date.


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