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Pay Faster by Email Check

Create checks and click the “Email” button instead of printing yourself. Or you can select a bulk of checks and click “Email Checks.” This check will be emailed to your payee directly and prompt them to print it on a blank check paper. Therefore, it is easier than a physical check mailing.

A receiver can even print on white paper if he is depositing by any mobile devices. For safety and security reason, payee/receiver will be allowed to print only one time. Besides, you will see all the necessary information in your tab that when your payee opens the check link to view and print. Outsource checks to us all your payable checks and Email checks for all your Accounts Payable.

Get Paid Faster Reliably

Send an email request your client/customer and have them email you a check. You are no more waiting for the checks in the mail or chasing out to get paid over the phone. You don’t have to pay any transaction fee or gateway fee, especially for a more significant amount. Please consider and compare how much you are paying presently for the credit card processing.

Your client/customer is prompted to enter the routing number, bank account number in that email link with signature, and necessary information to approve the check. This check will be ready to print in your received check Tab.

You will see all the necessary information in your tab that when your client/customer opens the check request link to view and approve it. Request all your accounts receivable via email. Above all, try Bank Draft to print remote checks of your clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How email checks works?

Once you create a check at onlinecheckwriter.Com then instead of printing, you click email Button. Therefore,this Check will be emailed to your payee, and they can print it using regular blank check paper. They can even print on the white paper also if they are depositing by mobile devices. For Safety and Security reason it is allowed them to print only one time, or they will have to request you again for permission. Send a one dollar check to your self or a friend and see how that works. Email payroll check directly to your employee.

Can they print multiple times?

They can print only one time. But can view the checks in a different format and keep intelligent report of it.

How much it cost?

There is no fee for that it is entirely free.

Can I request Check by email?

Yes, you can request check also by email. Click “Request Check” button then the select the client/customer to get paid and send the request to their email. Once they approve it, your checks will be ready to print Under received the checks. Our intelligent reporting will let you know who’s checks pending for approval, approved, printed and all in one page.

How do I save money and Time?

Case 1-
Let’s say you are a landlord/attorney/insurance agent/Association or nonprofit organization and supposed to get paid $1,000. If they are paying you by a credit card, you will end up paying close to 3 percentage for transaction fee and Gateway fee which would be equal to $30. If they’re paying by ACH still, it will end up by costing you a flat fee plus a substantial monthly fee or a percentage of .75 like autharize.net, which is $7.50.
Even if they’re sending you a check by physical mail-USPS, you will have to wait for it and time-consuming especially if you have several checks supposed to receive.
If you request a check by email, it’ll be faster and cost you only the expense of blank check paper which is 3 to 5 cents per leaf or you can even print it on white paper if you’re depositing by online capture or mobile deposits. Moreover, you can enjoy intelligent and straightforward reports.
Case 2-
Let’s say you are sending checks to somebody of any amount. You will have to print it, stamp it, stuff it, seal it and mail it by USPS Or any other carrier. Mail could get lost and some time blame on you that checks never came on time. It could even cost you some sort of penalty in some cases.
The second option you have to look for the payee, wait for him and waste your tremendous amount of time to pay him timely and adequately.
If you email a check to your payee, you don’t have to look for him and don’t have to do any physical mailing process. Let payee print the check and deposit it or let them print on a white paper and deposit by any mobile devices. This is convenient, and moreover, you have all reporting that you paid on time, when, where, how, and every needful information.

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