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Taking checks by phone one of the easiest way to get a payment from your client. All kind of business can directly benefit from taking checks by phone.

Over the phone, you take customer information, banking details and you make sure you have authorization from that customer to draft from his account. As a check draft. It is always required to have a record of it.

After you receive the information from the customer then you enter that information into the OnlineCheckWriter.Com software and print that check draft using any printer you have at your office or home. This check draft will be printed as ‘no signature required’.

After printing the check you deposit this one to any Bank just like you deposit a check. You can take to the bank and deposit at the teller, deposit by mobile phone, deposit by ATM or by the remote capture facility of the bank given to you. Just like a check do not forget to endorse the back of the check draft

Phone checks are easy to process and it requires proper authorization from the customer. OnlineCheckWriter.Com will allow you to take check by the phone like checks by fax or checks by web.

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