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Pay Your Bills Easily With Your Credit Card

Pay any business with a credit card; suppliers, contractors, and vendors are received via checks, ACH transfers, or wire transfers. How they receive your money is up to you.

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Pay your vendors, contractors, distributors, agents,and suppliers

Short of funds to pay a business supplier? Let’s pay for you.

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Pay Anyone Without Concern and Maintain Cash Flow

We can pay for you, so you’ll never run out of money. With each payment, you have the option of paying with your or our funds.

Small businesses frequently face a liquidity crisis because they must pay their suppliers and vendors before they receive money from their clients. No longer! With rapid fund availability, enables you to pay your business invoices quickly.

Pay With Credit Cards; the Payee Will Get the Funds via Check, Wire Transfer, or ACH

No Need to Worry About Transaction Costs

Your seller might not have previously accepted credit card payments because of the transaction fees.

Additionally, they may have requested additional payment as transaction fees.

Credit card costs are no longer a burden. You can now use a credit card to pay anyone.

You can use credit cards, there are no transaction fees for the payee, and you can keep all the reward points from your credit cards. Start an subscription today to start taking advantage of this benefit.

Payee Don’t Have To Signup To Receive Fund

Every time, a variety of payment options are available!

Using credit, debit, ACH, or wire transfers, you can both pay and be paid.

With the payments platform that streamlines your back office and gives your company more power, take control and visibility to new heights.

  • Improved collections and receivables
  • Without any merchant fees, accept credit and debit cards.
  • Receive payment using eCommerce Checkout SDK, shared payment links, or a QR code in person.

Improve the way you manage payables and cash flow. By using a credit card to pay vendors, you can access short-term borrowing and free up working capital. With invoice data collection, you can pay invoices promptly and effectively. An overview of your full payables operation will help you see your cash flow more clearly.

Multiple Payment Options