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May 21, 2022 | ACH powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

ACH or Automated Clearing House payments are a method of transferring money between accounts. It is a very convenient form of payment as it does not involve using any financial instrument like checks, credit cards, or wire transfers. ACH payments are managed by NACHA (or the National Automated Clearing House Association as it was previously called). All ACH payments are ideally processed in one day, but sometimes it can take approximately three days to process them. ACH systems handle all payments that have been made without the use of a financial instrument.

The two major types of ACH payments are ACH direct deposits and ACH direct payments. Institutions like governments, banks, and others use ACH direct deposits to deposit money into accounts. Some examples of donated money include government funds, interest receivables, payrolls, and others. ACH direct payments are used to transfer between customers or businesses. Some examples include purchasing, settling payments, donating to charity, sending money, and so on.

ACH payments are not free in most places but take only a minor fee to send money via ACH payments. However, – Powered by Zil Money does not charge money for conducting ACH payments for its customers. ACH payments can be made via two means. One is to send it directly, which is more costly. The other way is to send it through a third party like Online Check Writer, which already has a system for processing ACH payments. Online Check Writer will process your payment within one business day in most cases, while other banks might take up to three days to finish processing it.

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To summarise, the benefits ACH payments offer are:

  • Low processing costs: ACH payments are cheap as most places charge only a nominal cost. Online Check Writer, however, offers free ACH payments. 
  • Fewer declines: As money is directly taken from checking accounts, there is a lesser chance of rejection or failure of the transaction. 
  • A convenient payment method: ACH payments are a convenient method of payment as no financial instruments are needed, nor are several trips to the bank.
  • Better customer experience: Customers have a better experience with ACH payments, and they are offered recurrent billing services, including one-time payments. 

Enjoy the most of ACH payments with Online Check Writer, which lets you conduct free ACH payments and quickly satisfy your personal or business needs by processing them within one business day.

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