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Checks can print hassle-free with OCW. The software lets you print unlimited checks from the comfort of your home or office using any regular printer. Thanks to Check 21 Act which allows printing cheques using any printer. Get some blank stock papers from the nearest office store and start printing cheques on your own. Besides, you can customize them by adding logos, editing fonts, and other details with a Drag-and-Drop design.

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No More Pre-printed Checks

Why ordering checks from third parties when you can print them on your own? If you order from any third parties, they will take a lot of time and money to deliver them. At the same time, you can save 80% of printing costs by shifting into OCW. Also, you can create and print them on premium quality blank stock papers five times cheaper than ordering from third parties. All you need is some blank stock papers and a printer.

No more pre-printed checks
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Integration with Banks and Accounting Software

OCW is integrated with 22000+ banks and financial institutions across the USA and Canada. As a result, you can connect multiple bank accounts hassle-free on the platform. Besides, the platform is integrated with QuickBooks and allows businesses to import checks from QuickBooks. You can print them or send them by email or by mail using the software.


How to write a check?

Write it by step by step guide shows placing a date, payee name, amount to be paid, and signature. You may also want to insert a memo. You can also learn easy and fast how to do this at OCW.

How to fill out a check?

Fill out by placing a date, payee name, amount to be paid, and signature. You may also want to insert a memo. You can also use OCW for this purpose.

How to void a check?

Void using a blue or black pen, write void in large letters across the front of the or write void in smaller letters in the dateline, payee line, amount line, signature line, and amount box. You may also do this on the OCW platform.

Checks vs Debit cards

Checks are a written, dated, and signed instrument that directs a bank to pay a specific sum of money to the bearer. A debit card is a payment card that deducts money directly from a consumer's account when it is used.

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