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How To Deposit Checks With An iPhone?

The number of smartphone users in the United States is increasing day by day. According to research, the proportion of smartphone users has soared from a mere 35% in 2011 to 88% by last year. If you possess an iPhone, all banking transactions can manage using your iPhone, which includes sending money, depositing checks, and printing checks. If you receive a paper check or create checks using check printing software, your iPhone can help you do it. The high-quality camera and a good app will help you from a visit to the bank’s branch.

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Can I Deposit Checks With My iPhone

Can I Deposit Checks With My iPhone?

You can even create checks using a check-writing and printing app installed on your iPhone or deposit a check as mobile banking is a very common process. It has become common that a major share of mobile users is using their iPhone for the banking process. It is not like if you own an iPhone, you will be able to print checks or make a mobile deposit. You have to get and download the app on your iPhone.

How To Deposit Checks Within Six Major Steps

How To Deposit Checks Within Six Major Steps?

  • Using your iPhone, the process of check deposit is rather easy. The first step involved is that the check should endorse to deposit check into your account. The bank in which you have an account will provide sufficient instructions regarding your check’s proper endorsement.

  • Going for the example of chase bank, the bank requests you to sign in your name at the front and the rear side of the check and has to write ” electronic deposit at Chase” on the rear side of the check.

  • The next step is to click on the deposit button after opening up your banking application. The user has to provide some banking-related information such as the amount of check, or another option available is that the application will read the details from the check.

  • The subsequent step is to take photos of both sides using your iPhone, and please remember to take a photo with utmost clarity, and after this, once again, you should verify the check details. The banking app will ask you for verification regarding the accounting number and routing number, which the application will read automatically.

  • As a final stage, you can deposit the check using your iPhone after confirming that everything is perfect. Once you deposit a check, you will receive a confirmation email from the bank instantly. This confirmation, if not received, you have to contact your bank immediately without any fail.

  • Once the check deposits are using an iPhone, you cannot use the check once again, and the bank will take care of the processing. Your bank should provide instructions on how to handle the check. You may have to write “Void or “electronically presented” on it, keep it for 15 days, destroy it, and so on. Follow those instructions to protect yourself and to avoid legal problems.

Is It Safe

Is It Safe?

You may wonder if it’s safe to deposit checks with your iPhone. Any reputable bank will be sure that communication is encrypted and that thieves will not be able to pull your account details out of the airwaves. Depositing a check is no riskier than viewing your account — you’ve already provided your login credentials. Making check deposits is more dangerous for the person who wrote the check because their account and routing numbers are being photographed and transmitted. However, the risk is negligible and perhaps not as significant as the risk of a paper check getting lost. That can happen whether it goes through the mail or you’re on your way to a branch.

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