Log Your Cash Expense

We want to give you the best-integrated experience within the Online Check Writer – so you can keep track of all your business expenses.

Moreover, documenting Cash Expenses is very convenient, and you can refer to the Expense log at any point of time in the year to generate insights and trend of your Cash Expenses.

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You Cannot Give Checks to Everyone

Cash Expense log is also can be used by the small businesses who can even log all the cash expense in one place. They don’t want to go to school to learn QuickBooks, but they do like to keep track of all costs in one place, even though unable to pay by check.

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Enter Cash Expense Directly to OnlineCheckWriter.Com

Enter cash expense directly into the OnlineCheckWriter.Com just like you create a check. You can even print a receipt to the payee and have them sign it if required. You can also categorize expense for a centralized report.

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Log Your Cash Expense

Keep Track Of Every Detail of Cash Expense

Keep track of every detail you entered. All features are efficiently searchable. You can categorize for better reporting. OnlineCheckWriter.com recognizes each category of a specific payee for next time. Also, you can have it all in one report at the central report.

Additional Feature

No more keeping another software to enter Cash transactions

Categorize all Cash transactions

Same Category everywhere for Checks, Deposit slips, Check Draft for all in one reporting

OnlineCheckWriter.Com remembers each category of a specific payee for next time.

Keep Track of Every Single Transaction

Add employee or user to keep track of it

Print receipt and have it signed if needed.

Able to send an email and get it confirmed from the payee for added confirmation of payment if needed.


Did You Know…

Still, Cash remained the most frequently used retail payment instrument in the world, used in nearly one-third of all transactions.ps.
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Online Check Writer can really help you seamlessly create Checks with your team and giving more time to focus on your business. We love to create checks and keep a track of it for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter cash expense into OnlineCheckWriter.Com for my reporting purpose?

Click “Cash expense list”, and “New” then select where you paid, how much any details like memo and save it.

How do I create a category for cash expense?

All categories Created across your account will be visible at Cash expense also. You can always create a new category when you enter a new transaction or you can go to the setting > category and create a new one or edit. Onlinecheckwriter.com remember each category for a specific payee for future purpose, you don’t have to enter it each time

Can Online Check Writer Accommodate Recurring Cash Expense?

Yes, you can. Simply add a Recurring feature when adding a cash expense and let OnlineCheckWriter.Com remember to add that transaction in the specified occurring dates you selected and set up.

Is Cash Expense visible at centralized reporting?

Yes, cash expense can be visible in its own reporting or the central reporting along with Checks, Deposits, Check Drafts with specified category, bank account or Dates.


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