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Check drafting in United States is popular because of many reasons. All sort of business houses or personalities generate check draft and is a legal replica of a usual transacting check. The merchant creates checks with the authorization of the account holder. In the United States,check draft or demand draft is a common financial document.

It permits a person to withdraw cash from another person’s bank account on the basis of documented consent. Checks by phone, checks by fax and online checks are some other names of check drafts. After all ,These names for check draft comes from the way of creation itself. The actual draft is the physical item and the merchant prints it.

Difference between ordinary checks and check drafts.

Account holder gives a regular check to the drawer after properly filling and duly signing the required details.Obviously, This is the main property of original checks. Checks always require many specifications such as printing methods, ink used to print and signature requirement. Account holder gives a regular check to the drawer after properly filling and duly signing the required details. Ordinary checks may be account payee checks or open checks and may carry a date.

Check draft

Above all, a second party creates check draft and not the account holder. For this certain agreement is specified on a check draft usually by a statement such as the following. “This draft is pre authorized by your depositor, no signature required”. Moreover, a check draft does not require any signature unlike ordinary transacting checks. Besides all these differences people can present ordinary checks in any financial institutions. This includes ATM machines of BOA, and check service centers. However, only banks execute Check draft methods. Online Check drafting process is one of the Rapid and easy methods of check transaction. It is very helpful for professional in the United States.

What is check drafting method?

As the account holder will be far away from the drawee the possibility of handing over of check is impracticable . Hence a check draft does not require any signature which is in contrast to the usual way of presenting checks . That is why Online Check drafting process is known as the rapid and easy method of check transaction .Hence it is very helpful for professional in the United States.

For any check draft transaction, account holder’s permission has prime importance. If not, it will definitely cause many legal complications in future.There are many methods for check drafting. The drawee receives the check without signing and writing any details. Another method is that drawee can create check by using online check writing software. If the check is ready, a couple of steps follow to convert the check to the check draft . This needs filling up the information, mainly the routing number and the account number.

Specially designed for perfect functioning

Check Writer software designs and creates a draft for the customers. Hence they can deposit checks into any U.S. bank the same day. For a safe transaction further addition of any sort of information is there. This helps it to be free from any legal claims in future. For consumer protection requirements there will be a delivery of all the required information which is legally important. It is important to provide genuine information prior to draft creation. Importance of providing genuine information prior to the creation of a check craft or demand draft is well known. The drawee collects necessary data from the account holder.

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Methods involved

Methods include implementation of modern technological methods. This information should be clear and candid. Based on this, the bank will scrutinize the check very carefully. If it is proved to be authentic, the bank will provide cash against the check. Account holder is liable to produce all the details to the client during check draft transaction. This can be regarding a sale or service.

Details required for check draft.

To create check draft ,it requires key details such as the account number as well as the routing number of the account. At the bottom side of a check both routing number as well as account number is present. The routing number appears first, to the left side of the account number. The routing number consists of 9 digits and confirming nine digits by counting is an easy method to analyze the accuracy of routing number. The account number which is vital information comes after the routing number to the right side of routing number.

Method of data communication in check drafting:

It is a truth that the check draft does not require any signature of the account holder; however, it needs a genuine consent from the account holder regarding the cash amount that is going to be from the account through check draft. For this purpose either the client can go for a written consent or can go for a spoken consent.

Verbal consent for check draft

As far as check drafting is concerned, verbal mode of consent is acceptable. However,one should keep certain facts in mind to make it safe. Even though vocal consent is accepted legally, a proof of the consent which was provided verbally is provided by recording the consent. There is a solid encouragement to record the whole discussion.  A record of the date of the agreement and the amount upon which the agreement has been made by the account holder and the drawee along with client’s name and other details of the payments can be kept as a record.

Written consent for check draft

This is the safest option of getting details of the account payee while creating a check draft. Earlier days it took a lot of time as letters and fax may take time to reach the specified drawee. However, by technological innovation methods, data is transferred very swiftly by email or through social networking sites. Last but not least,check draft creation requires a format. You can print pre-approved check  draft on blank stock easily in house/Office with software such as These sort of software helps the user to Print check drafts. Only thing that the drawee has to do is to endorse on the back side of the check draft and he can deposit like a regular check.

Other particulars for check draft

The client deposits check drafts only at bank and typically unlike a regular check it cannot cashes instantly at bank or any check cash place. Thus banks prevent fraud cases smartly. Banks treat check drafts as a regular check and clear just like a regular check.

Lets check regarding the benefits of a check draft . A check draft does not associates any fees like a normal check and hence is more economic. Check draft requires no merchant account.

Required tools for check draft

To create check draft with a software You need to take over the  phone/Fax/Web.

1-     Name and address of Customers

2-     Check Number (Optional)

3-     Bank routing number   9 Digit

4-     Bank Account Number

5-     Be sure the customer agrees to the amount of the check and that’s all.

Best way is have them Fax/email/Text a copy of check. This way, there is no confusion and create a paper trail where you the merchant will have written proof of authorization. Although not required for check drafting, this is a valuable loss prevention tool.Use our built in authorization by text or email


All businesses can directly benefit from taking checks by phone/Fax/Online. This is the most popular way to take checks from customers, clients, tenants, policy holders, and patients.This can be deposited into any U.S. bank the same day. There are no transaction fees. Authorization can be obtained by phone call, Text, a fax of a check, an e Mail order, or an order placed via an Internet form or shopping cart. With proper authorization,customers can be billed on a monthly recurring basis.

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