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Check Writing Online: 8 Things to Look For

Dec 30, 2022 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

The most common business advice is to ensure that your company’s finances are in good shape. Healthy cash flow is essential. You need a check writing online software like – Powered by Zil Money, for example, that works for your business’s needs, regardless of how they change. 
How do you find reliable check writing software? How can you tell if a service will meet your needs today and tomorrow? Businesses can benefit from adaptable services in the long run. Here’s how to find the right one.

Getting Your Checks Printed and Mailed

Some services handle only parts of this process. Online check writing software should handle the entire process for you. You need software that can print and mail checks
Many financial transactions these days are paperless, so some financial companies no longer offer this service. As a result, they no longer handle the entire process for your company. You want a service that takes printing your checks and getting them to their destination without causing you extra work. At, we make sure the job is properly done. 

There is still a demand for paper checks. Legal, security, or tracking reasons may require this. Therefore, financial companies can handle this for you.

Check Writing Made Easy

A check writing software should make sense to you when you work with them. The online services will be used regularly after the initial setup. If the system causes you frustration and is more complicated than it needs to be, you’re only increasing your headaches. The best service will have an easy-to-use online system and helpful customer service. 

Keeping Track of Your Mail

How do you know your checks got there? It can be more frustrating if you send out a lot of checks. Tracking your mail is something you need. 
It’s an option you may need down the road, even if it initially seems insignificant. When a problem arises, this makes your business appear more professional. 
Mail run data files (MRDFs) will show you the important information every time the best check writing software scans your mail.

Setup in a Flash

Many people don’t get their check writing software needs set up because of a long, dragged-out setup process. An easy-to-use system is most important in the long run. It’s a good sign if the setup process is instant.

Check Writing Service Setup Help

Do you know how to contact someone if you have a problem during setup? Check writing online software that offers a development team is a good sign. These professionals assist businesses in setting up. Experienced developers should listen to your individual needs and help you through the setup process. Find the right people to save your business time, money, and frustration. 

No Minimums, Flexible Options

You may do a lot of paper checks early in the year, but never in the summer. You may need paper checks unexpectedly. 
Businesses today need this service, but their needs fluctuate. Most services have monthly minimums or require you to subscribe to specific payment plans that lock you into particular numbers. Your business needs fluctuate, so you need flexible pricing options. There are many options, so don’t settle for something that doesn’t work. 

Scalable Check Writing Service

The software you select should allow you to choose a plan without a minimum monthly payment if your needs are small. In the future, however, what if your needs increase? What if you have to send thousands of checks in a month? How would you feel if that happened to your growing business regularly?
This is why you need software that offers scalable services. Regardless of how small or large your needs are, the best business software will be able to meet them. 

The Right Company Makes Things Easy

Trust is the most important factor when hiring a financial service for your business. When you experience the feeling of relief when working with software, you will know that you have made the right choice. Start your journey to a healthy financial life today by getting started with and taking control of your finances!

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