Online Check Writer

Positive Pay 

Onlinecheckwriters support positive pay services.  This feature will prevent you from check fraud. Onlinecheckwriter is a complete check issuing & fraud preventing platform with the help of a positive pay feature.

We do support both manual positive pay file export as well as an automated positive pay file upload to your bank server via FTP or sFTP server.

We do support almost all the bank (manual) positive pay. 

Currently, we do support the automated positive pay for the following bank:

1. Wells Fargo

2. Stride Bank

If you want to automate positive pay file uploading but are not on our supported list please send us documentation of your bank positive pay, We will make it happen for you.

If you are from bank treasurer professional and want to suggest onlinecheckwriter’s positive pay let us know.

 If you have any question please call our customer support team or email us :