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Export Checks To QuickBooks

Online Check Writer users can now export checks from Online Check Writer to QuickBooks. With the QuickBooks pushback feature, users can import bank accounts, payee lists, and category lists from QuickBooks, create checks in Online Check Writer and then export the checks to QuickBooks.

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Step 1

Import Bank Accounts from QuickBooks

After enabling QuickBooks pushback, you will get three buttons for importing the bank account, payee list, and category list. Click on the bank button to import bank accounts from QuickBooks. Once the bank accounts are imported, map QuickBooks accounts with Online Check Writer accounts.

Step 2

Import Payee List and Category List

Import the payee list and category list from QuickBooks to Online Check Writer after importing bank accounts. Refresh the page to see the imported data.

Step 3

Create Check

Create a new check with a mapped bank account. Select a payee from the payee list and add the amount you want to pay. Select a category and save the check.

Step 4

Export The Check

To export the newly created check to QuickBooks, select the check from the checklist and click the ‘export checks to QuickBooks’ button.