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Why Blank Check Stock Is Better Than Pre-Printed Checks While Using A Check Printing App?

It is a fact that pre-printed checks were preferred by many while printing checks. It was a trend until a couple of years ago. However, nowadays, there is a dramatic shift towards blank check stock usage rather than pre-printed checks.

Blank check stock-a smart choice

Even though there were many followers for pre-printed checks, the shift towards blank check stock was dramatic. There are many reasons for this scenario. Blank check stock, as the name suggests, is blank and does not carry any data on it that can be copied by somebody else. A major concern regarding the Pre-printed checks is that these checks carry serious data that should otherwise keep secret, is apparent to all. It includes the check accounting number and the check routing number. Hence, one major reason behind the preference of blank check stock while using a check printing app is the data security it provides.
As far as blank check papers are concerned, these types of data will not be apparent and usually printed on time using a check printing software.

Blank check stock and availability

blank check stock | check printing app

Pre-printed checks never will be on our fingertips and have to order before one gets finished. It should be bought and should be printed, which takes enough money and time. However, blank check stocks are available at any office supply store and any supermarkets nearby. The experts cited the accessibility factor as the major cause behind the affinity towards blank check stock rather than pre-printed checks.

Pre-printed checks usually carry account number. Just think of a situation when you have a large pile of pre-printed checks and if you change your bank because of some other reasons. All these thousands of pre-printed checks will become a piece of paper and nothing else. Because of this caution warning, people generally do not create and stock many pre-printed checks.

blank check stock | check printing app

More convenient

The elegance in designing your checks by encrypting names and business logo gives the check a premier look. The designed checks can be printed on high-quality blank checks while using a check printing app, making it more business-oriented. This option is, unfortunately, lacking for pre-printed checks.
To summarize, the designing options and the security provided by blank check stock while using a check printing app is much more and outweighs the options provided by pre-printed checks. Hence there is no wonder why people usually go behind blank check stock instead of pre-printed checks.

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