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Magnetic Ink Check Printer

MICR is the abbreviation of Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and can be found at the bottom of checks in a special font. The check number, account number, and bank routing number are set in a line at the checks’ bottom side. The special fonts are combined with magnetic ink, and it helps to recognize the characters on the checks, as the name indicates and thus helps to prevent check frauds to a great extent.

Print Checks

A magnetic Ink character recognition is a technology that ensures the authenticity and uniqueness of checks. Banks had insisted on using MICR enhanced printers to print checks because of the security factor. Once the checks are coded using MICR ink, it will be easy for the banks to check regarding the checks’ genuineness. To point MICR checks, a special ink is used in the toner, and this ink will be sensitive to the magnetic fields. Hence it is not easy to deceive the banks. All the information will be encoded safely in the magnetic characters on the checks. Banks will have special facilities to read these magnetic codes.

Requirement of MICR printers

Even though this was the case years before, it is a fact that nowadays, banks are not insisting on printing checks using MICR toner. OnlineCheckWriter helps the customers create design and print checks, and the check prints can be taken using an ordinary printer, and there is no need for taking MICR coded prints.

First and foremost, it is not easy to access the MICR printer as it is less available, and it also makes the entire process of check printing expensive. If a user uses an ordinary laser printer instead of MICR toner and print checks using blank check stock, it will be the most economical option available for that particular person. It is a fact that the banks nowadays do not insist on using MICR toners and check printers.

As far as the laser printer is concerned, it is swifter than the MICR printers as a laser can make movements quickly. The laser beams provided by the laser check printer will ensure more precision, and hence all the details on the check will be crystal clear. Clarity of the banking data and other sorts of information is very much important, and hence better than MICR printers, it will be good if laser printers have been used.


Papers used for printing

Whether it is a MICR printer or laser printer, the paper should have much safety, and the papers should be stored in moisture-free locations.

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