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The Account Number on a Check Provides Many Functions to the Banks As Well As the Customers

How To The Find The Account Number On A Check?

The account number on a check is the second group of digits located at the bottom of every check. It consists of generally ten to twelve digits and is a key identifier in all the banking transactions.

Key Points

  • An account number is unique and a key identifier.
  • An account number on a check is involved in all transactions.
  • It should be kept as secret as it is highly vulnerable to fraud.
  • Several online services are based on the account number of the client.
Account Number On a Check
Account Number On a Check


An account number on a check is very much unique. it helps the banks to take and remit money to accounts. Even though these transactions are cross-matched with names, account number plays a key role. One will receive the account number as he/she starts an account in the bank.

Usages Involved

Apart from banking transactions, nowadays, account number is involved in all sorts of online transactions. It is generally used in credit card accounts, club memberships, and even in sales records.

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Stopping Frauds

Economic experts say that it is better not to reveal one’s account number to others without a solid reason. Keeping a close watch on all the transactions of your bank account will also help people to stop fraudulent activities.


It is very much important for every client to know the account on a check as it is very useful and plays a key role even in electronic methods of transactions nowadays.

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The system of encrypting account number on check dates back more than a century ago in order to get the bank staff an idea regarding different bank account costumers and assign them to the drawer.

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