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Blank check stocks are commonly used for printing QuickBooks Checks .It is a common method used to print checks from QuickBooks. Check printing from blank check stock to print checks is preferred by many companies because of some logical reasons.

Implementing an add-on check writing software

Many of the accountants globally use Quick Books nowadays for accounting purpose. One major function of QuickBooks is to print checks. As such, QuickBooks has no provision to print checks. By using QuickBooks, the user can print only the amount of the check, payee’s name and date of issuance.It also includes Memo along with the above mentioned factors. However a check is quite incomplete without other factors such as check number, routing number etc. In order to overcome this aspect, it is better to use add-on software to print checks. This add-on software makes things really easy.

How add-on software works?

For this the customer should select the add-on software which has all the account details. For this they must initially integrate all the account details into add-on check printing software. They have to do this addition only once and then by default all the details appear. By accessing Quick Books the customer will be able to use the check printing add-on software associated with the QuickBooks. He just can map the checks and will get all the check details.In addition to that,mapping of checks requires a single initiative and it feeds for all other transactions. By adapting this process, the user can take a printout of the checks easily. Hence printing of several checks of different accounts is possible at a time even if it belongs to multiple bank accounts.

Pre printed checks or Blank check stock?

Customer who uses QuickBooks for printing checks has two options regarding the printing paper. Either he can use blank check stocks or he can create and use pre printed checks. Blank check stocks syncs well with QuickBooks check printing procedures. There is another view that Pre printed checks are better to use to print checks. Many of the users opine that blank check stock has always an edge above pre- printed check stock. This is because of many reasons.

The comparison between blank check stocks and pre printed check stock is very common nowadays. Some are of the view that printing checks on blank check stock is more convenient. Many of the financial experts also opine this after in depth analysis. Let us have a diligent scrutiny regarding the advantage of check printing from both blank check stock and pre printed checks. An unbiased perception regarding the practicality follows after this analysis.

Usage of Pre printed checks

It is a fact that most of the companies, irrespective of its size have several accounts. The number of accounts may vary from a mere five to fifty. Even a small professional will have checking account, personal account and saving account. If that is the case, the number of accounts a big firm possess will be numerous. In the above mentioned scenario, suppose he has to print different checks at same point of time.

For instance, if the user has to print five checks from his personal account, eight checks from his business account. In this scenario he has to have pre printed checks from his personal account. He has to keep it in the printing tray and then take steps to print checks.

Hectic process involved

In addition to that, in the next step the user will be replacing all other checks from the printing tray in order to print business checks. In short it will be hectic to keep and replace checks in every step according to the account type. Even though most of the details are printed on the pre printed checks, the job will be easy. This is one major drawback of using pre printed checks.

Limitations of pre printed checks over blank check stocks


Pre printed checks to print checks from QuickBooks causes several inconveniences. One major factor is that the bearer should be more careful while printing checks. Any fault that happens while replacing checks can cause severe problems. Besides it is more time consuming.

There may be instances when pre printed checks can go out of stock. If it has gone out of stock, the user has to order for it. Pre printed checks are obviously more costly as they come with prints on it. It costs around 25-30 cents per check. Think about the amount that may incur if you order hundred such checks. Ordering checks is a time taking process . It is a fact that it will take at least three to four days to print on these checks and takes couple of days more to deliver.

Mismanagement of checks

Mismanagement of pre- printed checks by the employees is another concern. The amount of accounts will be equal to the amount of variety of checks. In that case the user has to keep an inventory of the pre printed checks. Aligning all these checks accordingly and keeping it in sequence is a big head ache for employees. It is chaotic to manage around thousand such checks in a day. Moreover, in any case an account if get obsolete, the entire pre printed check stock will be mere waste.

Blank check stock is becoming popular

Blank check stock to print checks from QuickBooks helps the user in many wonderful ways. All the details can be added to the blank checks later. This is done by the help of add on software to print checks. All the concerned details are added to the check at the time of printing. Mapping of the details once on the add-on software makes things will be easy and swift.

It is quite obvious that blank check stock is quite inexpensive whereas prepaid checks are costly. Blank check stocks costs around five cents only. For pre paid checks, it has to be ordered and takes at least three days to receive. However, blank check stock can be bought from any stationary shops or can be ordered using online purchase hubs such as Amazon.There is no security threat that may occur. The blank check stock does not contain any types of account details and therefore is absolutely reliable.

In conclusion:

In short, a blank check stock with Magnetic Ink Character Recognition printer will do the entire check printing job for you in a cost-effective and trustworthy way. If analyzed carefully, the user will always prefer printing QuickBooks checks from a blank check stock instead of pre printed checks.


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