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Jun 16, 2021 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Cheap checks with low-quality processing always spoil a business and transaction both in the case of time as well as money. Most people have become wiser now. Now the professionals try to get out of the desktop-based check printing software and enjoy more Mobility with cloud-based online check printing software. You save up to 80% by switching from pre-printed checks having cheap checks processing with premium quality cheap checks from blank check stock.

Blank check stocks are commonly used for printing Checks even with QuickBooks. It is a common method used to print checks instead of pre-printed cheap checks. Check printing from blank check stock to print checks is preferred by many companies over other sorts of pre-printed cheap checks because of some logical reasons.

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Preprinted cheap checks or Blank check stock with good quality

Preprinted cheap checks or Blank check stock with good quality?

Customer who uses QuickBooks and other accounting software for check writing and printing has two options regarding the printing paper. Either he can use premium quality cheap checks from blank check stock or he can create and use pre-printed cheap checks. Blank check stocks sync well with QuickBooks and other accounting software for check printing procedures. There is another view that Pre-printed cheap checks are better to use to print checks. Many of the users opine that premium quality cheap checks from blank check stock have always an edge above pre-printed check stock. This is because of many reasons.

The comparison between premium quality cheap checks from blank check stock and pre-printed cheap checks is very common nowadays. Some are of the view that printing checks on blank check stock are more convenient. Many of the financial experts also opine this after in-depth analysis. Let us have diligent scrutiny regarding both blank check stock and pre-printed cheap checks. An unbiased perception regarding the practicality follows after this analysis.

It is a fact that most of the companies, irrespective of their size have several accounts. The number of accounts may vary from a mere five to fifty. Even a small professional will have a checking account, personal account, and saving account. If that is the case, the number of accounts a big firm possesses will be numerous. In the above-mentioned scenario, suppose he has to print different checks at the same point in time.

For instance, if the user has to print five checks from his personal account, eight checks from his business account. In this scenario, he has to have pre-printed cheap checks from his personal account. He has to keep it in the printing tray and then take steps to check writing and printing.


Limitations of pre-printed checks over premium quality cheap checks from blank check stock

Pre-printed cheap checks to print checks from QuickBooks and much other accounting software causes several inconveniences. One major factor is that the bearer should be more careful while printing checks. Any fault that happens while replacing checks can cause severe problems. Besides, it is more time-consuming.

There may be instances when pre-printed cheap checks can go out of stock. If it has gone out of stock, the user has to order it. Pre-printed checks are obviously more costly as they come with prints on them. Ordering checks is a time taking process. It is a fact that it will take at least three to four days to print on these checks and takes a couple of days more to deliver.

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For pre-paid cheap checks, it has to be ordered and takes at least three days to receive. However, premium-quality cheap checks from blank check stock can be bought from any stationery shop or can be ordered using online purchase hubs such as Amazon. There is no security threat that may occur. The blank check stock does not contain any type of account details and therefore is absolutely reliable.

In short, a blank check stock with a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition printer will do the entire check writing and printing job for you in a cost-effective and trustworthy way. If analyzed carefully, the user will always prefer printing premium quality cheap checks from a blank check stock instead of pre-printed checks.

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