Checks By Mail

Full Check Mailing Service

You make Check from any place.

We print checks on HQ Check Paper, Stuff, Seal, and Post on the same business day (USPS) for $1.00, includes postage, paper, and everything One-Click Checks by Mail.

When you include the soft costs of employee time, it estimates that each check can cost a business up to $7.78 to create, stuff, mail, and track each check payment. Our mail Service gives you long-term benefits.

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checks by mail
Save time signing, stuffing and sending. Need API?
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Mail Checks With your Company Logo and Your check Design

We mail the checks once you design and create your logo. It will give you a full white label look. We don’t alter anything on the checks you saved in your template or style.

checks by mail

Free Check Mailing Service

You pay the cost of the stamp, check paper, and envelopes that will cost you around $0.75.
We print it, label it, stuff it, and we make sure it is in the post office on the same day, for all these processes cost you just $0.75 per check. No, any hidden or surprise fee. Refill your account-we deduct $0.75 per check.
When you request to mail a check, it prints behind the scene and sends it to our printer queue. Our administrator has no access to your account or to alter; however, to print that predefined check sent to the printer.

Overnight, Priority and FedEx

Overnight delivery, Priority Mail by USPS, and FedEx are available for those who needed for an emergency delivery with an additional cost. OnlineCheckWriter.Com partnered with USPS and FedEx.

Mail Tracking

There will be no tracking number available for USPS first class mail unless you purchase a tracking number for an additional cost. If you choose to mail by Priority, FedEx or Express, then tracking number comes with it. You can check the status and update it under your account at

checks by mail

Rebate Fulfillment Services

Full Rebate Processing Center.

For Any Size Company.

Very Cost-effective.

Rebate Processing service, we handle all your rebate program.

Sign Up now, Instantly verify Bank. You are ready to go.

You Create Check, Upload, send the file to us, or use our API to integrate your software. You have full control.

Same Day Rebate Check Printing and Mailing.

Simple rebate processing and mailing service pricing with no surprises cost.

Mailing Options

USPS First Class
USPS First Class – International
USPS Priority – 2 Day
USPS Express – 1 Day
FedEx – 2 Day
FedEx – Overnight

checks by mail

Try Email Checks. Mail Payroll Check. Create Blank Checks and use with your existing payroll software. Integrate with your bank and keep personal budgeting in one place. Have more question call us : (408) 372-7707 or email us:

Additional Feature

No Minimum Volume

Checks are drawn from your bank account

Pay electricity bill and water bill using check mailing service

Directly Import  from QuickBooks and Mail to your client

API Available

Pay as You Go check printing and mailing services

Whether you need to print and mail 1 or 10,000 of it Per day, we’re here to handle

Sign Up, Instantly verify Bank. You ready to go

You Create Check, Upload, send the file to us or use our API to integrate your software. You have full control.

Same Day Check Printing and Mailing

Simple check printing and mailing service pricing with no surprises cost

checks by mail

Did You Know…

Each day USPS delivers some 660 million pieces of mail to as many as 142 million delivery points
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

After you create a check (single or multiples) click “Mail” instead of print. This check immediately sent to our printer queue to print it. You will see the status pending on your checklist. Once printed and created Postage label, the postman will pick it up by 4 p.m at Central Standard Time. Then you’ll see an updated status and an automated email. You pay as you go. Create checks single, bulk, upload from excel, group it for ongoing purpose or from your sites with our secure API.

How long does it take my payee to get a check?

According to USPS if you are using first class mail service, it normally takes 1-7 business days depending on the area. We have other options also available.

Do you support Recurring bill payment?

Yes, we support recurring bill payment. Once you set up your check for recurring Mailing for a certain number of occurance, automatically print that Check on that specified day and mail to your payee adress given on the check.

Do you support Bulk Check Mailing with a discount?

Yes, We support bulk check mailing with discount. Please Contact us.

Can I pay my utility bills using this check mailing service?

Yes. Using OnlineCheckWriter mailing Option you can pay your property tax, any bills, electricity bill- Just for .75 Cents.

How do I know my check is cashed?

Online check writer mailing system prints your check and mail to your payee address on the same business day using United States Postal Service. If you would like to know your check is cashed you need to integrate your bank with the online check writer. Online check writer partnered with more than 16,000+ banks around the world

Why do I have to verify my bank account?

Since online check writer partnered with most of the bank, it is the easiest way to validate our customer’s bank account. This method used in various services to ensure that the individuals own the bank account or authorized to create and approve, to mail a check.

Can I send check anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can.

Can I upload a CSV/Excel file to create checks and mail it?

Yes, you can. Once upload and create checks select all of them and click mail.

Can I Import Checks from QuickBooks and mail it?

Yes, you can. Once you integrated with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, it automatically come to the online check writer and click to mail it.

Where would be my checks mailed from?

Most of it are mailed from our corporate office based in Tyler Texas- Close to Dallas TX

Can I add a logo into the checks I am mailing?

Online Check writer print and mail it as it is, you designed and created. You will have fully white labeled Checks, we don’t alter any of your original checks design.

We are an accounting firm with multiple different clients. Do you support mailing checks for us?

Yes, we do. We work with any of your business models.

Do you support Canadian checks to mail?

Yes, We do.

How many users can I have?

Unlimited, as per your OnlineCheckWriter Plan

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