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Check Ordering Isn’t as Efficient as Printing Them

Dec 31, 2022 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Do you prefer in following the old-fashioned by writing checks because of the lack of trust in the digital world? You may own a small company that conducts many businesses using checks. In any case, you might be wondering how to get checks without spending more money. Pre-printed checks are the most commonly used ones, but check ordering is not an efficient way of getting checks because it will eat up your time and money. Printing checks is more efficient than check ordering, and – Powered by Zil Money is one of the market’s best available check printing platforms.

The Risk Involved in Check Ordering

Banking information is printed on pre-printed checks, so there are better options than ordering checks. This means that if someone gets their hands on your checkbook, they may cause you more trouble because it’s unsafe. They can see your account and other information that could hurt you if they get their hands on it. These checks should be kept in a safe place where others cannot access them. Still, if you’re doing business, you’ll be ordering pre-printed checks in bulk, which will take time to keep secure. If you have accounts in multiple banks, you must order multiple pre-printed checks; however, having more pre-printed checks is too risky.

Is Printing Checks Better Than Ordering?

Checks can be ordered or printed, and if you’re looking for the most efficient way to obtain checks, printing them is the fastest, most efficient, and best way. Don’t be scared about hearing the word “printing.” This is the best and easiest way to get checks. Printing checks yourself will save you time and money, and you do not have to wait for a long time to get checks, all your checks will be delivered by our platform, and a printer. Also, you will get your checks immediately. Feed the printer with blank stock paper and issue the commands on our platform. With full control over your checks from creation to printing, you can be sure that no one else can access your sensitive financial information.

Disadvantages of check ordering

    • Eat away your money: Pre-printed checks can be expensive to order and use. Check printing and mailing fees are quite high at most banks. And as was already mentioned, the costs associated with cashier’s and counter checks can add up quickly. The time has come to get started using to print your checks.
    • Not secure:  The security risks associated with using pre-printed checks are substantial. They bear your name, account and routing numbers, and other pertinent financial data. Criminals and con artists may use this data to cause trouble.
    • Eat away your time:  Waiting for an ordered check will take more time, and even if you have to write a check immediately, you will only be able to accomplish it if you are waiting for the ordered check. The check ordered will take many weeks to arrive.
    • Wastages: Already printed checks frequently end up in the trash. These checks already have all the information that cannot be changed printed on them. So, these checks are no longer useful if the account is closed or changed.

Benefits of printing checks:

  • Eliminates filling of blank checks manually.
  • Financial responsibilities are handled effectively.
  • Increased savings.
  • Different accounts are handled seamlessly and effectively. 
  • Eliminates possibilities of errors and chances of losing files, security is guaranteed.
  • Saves or reduces your time.
  • Expenses used on supplies are saved.
  • Time is saved.
  • Check fraud is easily controlled.
  • Blank checks are kept current.

How can Assist in Getting Checks Faster

Getting checks is now easy thanks to our platform, you needn’t have to wait for a long time for getting your checks, use our platform and get them instantly on-demand. You must be wondering how our platform can assist you in getting checks faster, we lets you print your own check on blank stock paper. In doing so you can save your time and money both of which are precious in everyone life.

Another advantage in using our platform for getting checks is that you can create or customize your personal check using our in house drag and drop design tool. This tool lets you create checks from scratch or customize a template for creating your personalized checks. Gets your customized check instantly by printing them using our platform? You can send your customized checks as digital checks or print them as a physical one. The receiver can print out the checks if needed. There are no extra charges for creating your personal checks or sending digital checks or printing them.

Buying checks online is not an ideal way to get checks, check ordering will cost you money and time. Instead, start printing checks online without wasting your time and money. Printing your checks gives you complete control; you can customize the check however you see fit. Instead of buying checks online, try printing checks using and see how this will affect your business finances.

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