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Checks By Mail: Instant And Safe

Jun 22, 2022 | Check Mailing powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Checks by mail on the same business day with a single click. Sounds impressive, right? – Powered by Zil Money offers you checks by mail service just for $1. The cost includes postage and paper charges. All you need to do is open an account and send checks by mail to your payee from your office or home using our software. We will print your check, label it, envelop it and post it on the same business day. Our quality control team ensures that every check is printed correctly and mailed on time.

Checks were once considered to have limited uses, but now they’re more efficient and secure than ever before, where information about our finances travels instantaneously around the globe via electronic means. However, there’s no need for paperless transactions when online banking is available from various platforms that allow users to transfer money quickly without having any checkout lines.

The use of checks is still too prevalent in our society. A paper check is a valid payment option in several situations. Checks are inexpensive to process for buyers and sellers, and they get the job done, even in today’s high-tech world. But checks need to travel to the payee. So, how safe is it to mail a check and what can you do to keep your money from ending up in the wrong hands?

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5 Ways to Safely Mail a Check

Deliver to a Secure Place

If you want your letter delivered safely, don’t just leave it on the front porch or building entryway. The best way is by dropping off letters at post offices and handing them off to uniform mail carriers. Blue USPS collection boxes can sometimes lead people into trouble because they’re less safe than regular addresses for collecting checks.

Track Your Package

The post office offers various services to ensure your package gets where it needs. You can choose certified mail or similar tracking options, which will let you know if the recipient has received their package.

Add Restriction to the Check

This is a great way to ensure that your check gets deposited into the proper account. If you want, write “For deposit only at recipient’s request; cannot be cashed elsewhere or converted back into cash unless written consent obtained” anyone who steals it from anywhere else besides where we mail them will have some trouble getting their hands on all those funds because there’s no paper trail.

Keep the Check Hidden

The best way to avoid temptation is by hiding your check. You can make it look like a standard letter instead of something containing extensive checks, reducing the risk that someone might try stealing from you or scalping for an early delivery! To disguise our check, fold up some thick paper around the outside so there’s no way anyone could tell what was inside without opening it first – then use enough stamps just because heavier weight means longer distance traveled during transmission.

Cross-Check the Address

It’s easy to stick a check into the wrong envelope or send them where they don’t need to go, so cross-checking all the details is a must.

Online Check Writer will help you print your checks on blank check stock. You can customize each payment’s font, size, and style without wasting time or money with pre-printed designs that are difficult to read! The program also saves 80% compared to ordering them from a printer by mail service and eliminates any shipping costs associated with USPS or FedEx.

The cost of sending a check by mail can be expensive. With our service, you can send checks for just $1, and we print them on high-quality paper, which is cheaper than what it would cost elsewhere.

A business usually spends between 7 to 8 dollars when they receive their payment via this method, so as long as your client likes getting their bills delivered this way, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t switch over to Online Check Writer because in reality who doesn’t want some saving grace!

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