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Oct 17, 2020 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Checks have become an essential part of any sort of transaction all over the globe. Professionals from all the business sectors have started using checks and have their reasons for sticking to this procedure. The number of business people shifting from credit card-based payments to writing checks is suddenly increasing. The reason varies from the expensive aspect to the security issues; the comfort and the simplicity that check-writing provides are simply amazing. While users go for generating checks, it is very important to analyze the check printing papers used for many reasons.

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Importance of check printing papers

Importance of check printing papers

The way a check moves before cashing is simply incredible. The customer usually creates a check, and it is designed by using – Powered by Zil Money. There are two options for the account holder. He can either send the check by mail to another person, say the payee, or hand it over to the other person. The check receiver has to carry it to the bank, and further, it is submitted to the teller at the bank.

Other options, such as the payee, can also deposit the checks in an ATM counter for getting cleared. In all these situations, a lot of transactions are carried out using a single check. It makes the check muddy and crushed. When the particular check reaches the bank, it would have damaged that much that even the bank teller may reject the check because of this. To avoid this situation, the only solution is to print checks using excellent check papers. Hence it is said that the quality of the check printing papers should be maintained properly.

Types of check printing papers

Types of check printing papers

It can be said that there are two major options as far as check printing papers are concerned. Either the customer can choose blank check stock for printing checks or can go for pre-printed checks. Even though both options are good, it is better to select blank check stock instead of pre-printed checks.

There are two major reasons behind this. First and foremost, pre-printed checks are really expensive compared to blank check stock. The banking experts opine in the United States that the customers can save up to 80% of the total expense while going for the blank check stock instead of pre-printed checks. Apart from this factor, blank check stocks are easy to get at any stores nearby, whereas the pre-printed checks are to be ordered and take much time.

The security factor is another option that can be another major aspect of why frequent check writers usually go for blank checks. Pre-printed checks usually carry all the banking details such as the accounting number and the bank routing number, which others can misuse. Hence blank check stock cannot be kept on tables or desks instead of safe custody. However, blank checks do not carry any data, and hence it is safer to store and handle.

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