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Electronic Transaction

Electronic checks for free transactions help pay instantly and receive payments to anyone anywhere without any cost.
It is free and most reliable.


Without any transaction fee as well as late fees, make your check payment over the internet through electronic checks in the fastest and reliable way. Electronic checks help you to send checks without any stamps and envelopes. Just mail your electronic checks to the customer. He/she can take a printout of the same checks in a good quality paper and deposit those electronic checks in any banking or non-banking financial institutions. This facility also provides easily accessible reports of electronic checks transactions in a very simple form. These reports help for accounting purposes for the professionals.


The process of sending and receiving electronic checks is very simple and does not evolve any complicated steps. By using check writing software, create checks and subsequently, select and click the ‘email button’. It gives the sender the option to send the created check to the payee.


Once the electronic checks are sent to the receiver, it will give the payee guidance to take a print out of that check. Hence the process is very simple and takes a few seconds. That is the reason why it prefers by most of the banking customers for global financial transactions.


The person who receives the mail can select the check and can take a print out of that particular check-in a good quality paper. This check works as any paper checks. It also provides an option for the users to outsource payable checks, and hence it is more customer-friendly.


The process includes some easy steps. First, the user can send an email request to the client to mail their check to you. It will reach the user’s desk within seconds. The mentioned process ceases the time taken for waiting to receive the check through the mail or by hand.


Further, in the next step, you can again contact the client is prompted to type in the details on that electronic check. It includes routing number, bank accounting number in that particular email link along with signature and all other necessary information to approve the check.

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Finally, this check is now ready to print in your received check tab. As a client, you will be able to see all the required data on your tab that when your client opens the check request link to view and approves it. This method is the most economical, easier, and reliable way of printing electronic checks.

How electronic checks work?

It functions in a much secure manner with a few steps. Initially, one has to create a check on check writing software. Secondly, after the creation of checks, select the email tab and email this check to the payee. The receiver of the check can take a print out of the same check-in a quality paper. This paper now works like a paper check.

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