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It is a fact that most of the professionals in the United States lead a digital lifestyle. It is because of the changing economic environment in the country, which considers global phenomena. However, another survey conducted among the country employees reveals that a major portion of the employees in the United States goes for employee checks rather than the direct deposit to their accounts. Many reasons can account for this. With our cloud-based – Powered by Zil Money software, it is easy to print employee checks to integrate with Quick-Books, the global accounting software quickly.

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What sort of employees opt for Free employee checks

What sort of employees opt for Free employee checks?

There are numerous reasons that the staffs of a company or organization choose employee checks from an onlinecheckwriter. The first and foremost factor behind this is that the employee does not like electronic banking for many reasons. The reason behind this can be the struggles that may arise while shifting from the current bank or financial institution. Those employees who do not possess a bank account also reject the direct payments option. Last but not least, most banking companies implement a fee for direct payments, and hence employees usually deny the facility of direct deposit.

How to generate Free employee checks

How to generate Free employee checks?

We support the creation of employee checks professionally and efficiently. What you need else are blank check stock and a printer. A blank check stock helps you to print checks at a very economical level. It is much better than pre-printed checks all the way. As far as the printer is concerned, a simple laser printer will help print employee checks instead of any MICR-coded printer.

QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks Integration

Onlinecheckwriter integrated with QuickBooks, which makes the process of creating and printing employee checks easier. The process is straightforward. Get on to the QuickBooks account and start creating checks. The entire process is effortless and automatic. The great aspect is that Onlinecheckwriter verifies and decides its name and the particular bank account from where employee checks are issued. Keeping a blank check stock with enough blank checks will help to print and provide sufficient employee checks. Integration is free, and there are no hidden costs involved in the process.

Why blank check stock

Why blank check stock?

Blank check stock is a much better option than pre-printed checks because of many reasons. Pre-printed checks are more costly than blank checks. If calculated the amount regarding employee checks printed on blank checks rather than pre-printed checks, a firm can save up to 80% of the total cost.

Another positive feature is that blank checks are readily available in stores anywhere in the United States, while pre-printed checks are printed and designed with many efforts. There are some security issues associated with pre-printed checks as they reveal the employee’s bank account details, such as the account number and routing number. Hence pre-printed checks have to be kept safely in lockers and cannot be kept on tables, which is again a tedious job. The pre-printed checks’ validity may end once the employee changes the bank as pre-printed checks assigned for a particular bank.

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