Get Paid by HTML Forms

Get payments from anyone using HTML forms. Get payments through check, PayPal and Cards.

What is “Get Paid by Form“

A get paid by form is an HTML form which allows you to get payments from anyone through check, card, PayPal or Stripe. A get paid by form link is generated automatically when you add a bank account in Online Check Writer. You can send this link to anyone, or place it in your website to request payment. You can also integrate your PayPal account or Stripe account with the get paid by form and receive payments to your accounts, or you can receive payments as check.

How Simple is it!
Link Generated Automatically,
or Create Custom Link.
Send the Link to Payer,
or Place it in Your Website.
Receive Payments through
Check, PayPal or Card.

How to Integrate- Video Tutorial

Steps to Get Payments by Form

Step 1

Get the link from the Bank page.

The get paid by form link for corresponding bank will be generated automatically while adding the bank account. You can also create custom links for each banks.

Step 2

Setup the link (Connect with PayPal and Stripe if Needed).

You can connect the link with your PayPal and Stripe accounts to receive payments to corresponding accounts. Or you can send the link as such if you want to get paid by only checks.

Step 3

Send the Link to the Payer.

You can send your get paid by form link to your payer by any means you want. Go to settings of the link to have the e-commerce buttons and iframe code snippet. You can use these in your websites to receive payments.

Step 4

Payer Can Choose the Payment Method and Proceed.

The payer will get the form on clicking the link you send, on clicking the button you placed in your website trough the iframe. Payer can opt the payment method and proceed for the payment.

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