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How to get paid by check by mail?

Jun 28, 2021 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Your job is done, and the deal is not over. The business was done, the product was sold, the promised service was delivered, and however, you are not paid for the same. The flow of revenue into a business is very important, as the payments keep a business alive. Whether it is a small-midsize or large business entity, the receipt of payment matters. This especially holds true as delayed payments make a huge negative impact on the overall running of an organization.

Are you looking for a method that fits in well with today’s instant-access world that requires prompt payment receipts? Fortunately, there is a solution. Now pay and get paid without any transaction fee. Interesting? – Powered by Zil Money helps you to get paid by check by mail and it smoothens the running of your business. The way how people manage the receipt of payments from clients has been rapidly changing compared to the past few years.

For making payments and getting paid, OnlineCheckWriter is the best alternative to explore. So how does it work? You own a business and struggle to receive payments. Let your customer make the payment through checks. Let him create the check and send it to you by mail. You can take a check print and cash it instantly. It is possible to print checks using a basic home-office printer. Buy blank check papers which are really economical and let the checks get printed on them. You can cash the check and the job is done. The cost patterns involved with the entire process are nil.

OnlineCheckWriter promises to provide an absolute way of getting paid without any transactional fees, unlike credit cards. Let your business say “goodbye” to late payments. Avoid all hassles that can happen in your business due to poor payment practices. On top of this, instant payments will make your business run at a faster pace. It helps to seamlessly manage your business flow.

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Time to shift from credit card payments and get paid instantly using OnlineCheckWriter software

Time to shift from credit card payments and get paid instantly using OnlineCheckWriter software

Credit card payments are a common method of payments in the United States even though it carries several drawbacks. If you are a business professional who is relying on credit cards for your payment purposes, you have to rethink whether you truly need a credit card. There will be certain challenges that you may run into while depending too much on credit cards. The use and misuse of credit cards have made a significant proportion of people in the United States carry a large amount of debt.

It has been said by economic experts that if more people deal with credit cards, there is a huge possibility for increasing the debt. Definitely, now, it is to think about a platform such as OnlineCheckWriter which will help the customer to get paid and that too without any transaction cost. The safety factor is another matter of concern as far as credit cards are concerned. The good news is that now you can avoid tensions regarding payment receipts and run business smoothly.

The credit cards that you frequently use can cost you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Receiving payments through credit cards can potentially bring a lot of demerits to a running business. The downside to consider, one major drawback of credit card-based payments is that it usually complicates the process of accounting. It is actually a difficult process to record the time of the transaction, the date, and the amount transacted.

Compare credit-card based payments and getting paid in check by mail using OnlineCheckWriter

Compare credit-card based payments and getting paid in check by mail using OnlineCheckWriter

Buy blank check papers which are quite economic and it is available in any of the office supply stores in the United States. It helps you to get paid instantly as the customer can create a check regarding the payment. Let your customer send the check as paperless digital checks by email. The moment you receive the check, take a check print on blank check papers, and get paid. OnlineCheckWriter helps to respond proactively to the unique risks incurred while receiving payments.

If payment is done through OnlineCheckWriter cloud-based software, absolutely free of cost processing and no transaction charges are involved. However, in the case of credit cards, a certain amount of processing fee is involved which will be pretty high in most cases. Adding to the challenge, there are some credit card companies that charge fees on a monthly or on an annual basis and chargeback fees. At a pinch, if you depend more on credit cards, you may be in trouble. Avoid disputes with your customers by getting paid in check by mail instead of credit cards.

Watching closely, it is a fact that credit cards are subject to security threats and even you have to pay for fraudulent cases. This is especially true while the credit card information goes to other people. A huge number of credit-card-based fraud transactions have been reported in the United States for the last few years. It is important to remember that if a credit card or a credit card number is stolen, a fraudster can misuse them by making an advance payment on the card or can overpay an existing balance. By this method, millions of dollars can be taken away and the card owner will get information regarding this only once he receives the bill. It doesn’t carry an instant fix.

While taking a look at the details, it is a good method to get paid in check by mail and get protected from all sorts of fraudulent activities. There will be no security issues and the check sent by mail is only received by the account holder. Get the best method of getting paid in a highly secured platform without any gateway fee by using OnlineCheckWriter these days.

The fastest and cheap method of getting paid in check by mail from your customers and clients

The fastest and cheap method of getting paid in check by mail from your customers and clients

If you are picky about receiving payments quickly, avoid the idea of chasing down the customers by contacting them on phone to get the payment. You can no longer rely on a tough follow-up either. This will be a real hassle while the number of customers who usually delay the payment increases. For this reason, you will lose focus on the business as this is a time taking process. As a business owner, now you can send an email to your client or the customer requesting them to send you a check right away.

There is no need to pay any sort of transaction fee or gateway charges for the same. Enhance your profit and save your time by this. Once the client receives your check, he will be prompted to enter the banking details and signature along with all other necessary information to get the check approved. Upon a single click from the client or the customer, the check will be ready to print in your inbox. Just take a printout of the check on blank check papers and cash it in order to ensure long-term profitability. Finally, a very simplified process is involved as a single click on the “request a check” button will do the entire job. It helps you to get organized and avoid wasting time chasing your payments.

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