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Personal Checks 101. Everything you Need to Know

Mar 12, 2022 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Personal Checks are the most common types of checks. You probably have seen and used them already. Most banks provide checkbooks with personal checks that have a pre-printed bank account number and check routing number with them.

However, these checkbooks are quite costly. With – Powered by Zil Money, you can instantly print Personal Checks on blank stock papers using any regular printer.

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What Is a Personal Check?

A personal check is a slip of paper instructing the bank to pay a certain sum of money to the holder/payee mentioned in the check. Personal Checks are always drawn on a personal bank account and have an expiry date.

Put simply; a personal check is an official document instructing your bank to pay money to the person mentioned in the check from your personal bank account.

Parts of a Check

Personal Checks Example

Parts of a Personal Check

  1. Payer Name and Address section provides details about the account owner, who is the one paying money, and his address registered with the bank.
  2. Payee Name designates who can receive the money from the check. It can be paid to the holder of the check or deposited into the account of the payee.
  3. Amount in Words is written out in this section using words instead of numbers to cross verify the amount.
  4. Bank Information, including bank name, address, and/or logo, is usually printed on the check.
  5. The Memo Line is a space allotted for any notes about the purpose of the payment. For example, to pay rent.
  6. The Bank Routing Number American Bankers Association (ABA) routing number tells banks where they can get the funds for the amount mentioned in the check. In other words, it links your check to your bank account.
  7. Account Number at your bank is another identifier that is used by the recipients to identify where the money for the check will come from.
  8. Check Number is printed at two places in a check. This is a security measure to identify each payment made through checks and prevent any fraud.
  9. Date, also known as issuing date, serves as a timestamp for the check. All checks have issuing date, and usually, at the end of 6 months from this date, a check becomes stale.
  10. The Dollar Box displays the amount being paid in numbers. Value in the Dollar box and the written amount must be the same.
  11. Payer’s Signature verifies that the account owner has approved the payment. This signature should match the signature with the bank’s records of the payor.

Does Personal Check Expire?

Like all the other forms of checks, personal checks also expire. You can get them cashed before 180 days or six months.

But it is good practice to deposit checks as soon as you receive them. Holding on to a check for a while increases its chances of getting dishonored.

Can You Print Personal Checks?

Yes, you can. Rather than doing personal checks orders from different websites, Create and print your own personal checks for cheap with Online Check Writer. It is a fast, secure and cheaper alternative than ordering pre-printed checks online.

A lot of websites (such as personal checks deluxe or personal checks Walmart) offer to deliver pre-printed checks.

But the issue is that there isn’t a lot of customization option available with checks order. Secondly, it is quite risky to order checks in bulk from third parties as your vital banking information is readily available on them for anyone to see.

Instead, printing personal checks on demand saves you from a lot of trouble at a fraction of the cost.

Who Cashes Personal Checks?

It is very easy to cash a personal check if you have a bank account. All you need to do is deposit the personal check in your bank account. Bank will process the check and credit your bank account with the check amount within a few business days.

But in case you don’t have any bank account, then it is a little difficult to cash the personal check.

Your best bet is to go to the bank of the issuer and present them with the personal check along with your government-issued ID. After doing mandatory verification, the bank will give you the money in cash.

Can Personal Checks Be Cashed at Walmart?

Yes and No. It is better to call your local Walmart and confirm if they will cash the personal check for a certain amount.

Most of Walmart do cash personal checks for a fee ranging from a few cents to $8. The maximum value that Walmart accepts for personal checks is $5000, though it may vary during tax sessions.

Keep in mind that you need to bring the physical personal check (that is made out to you) at Walmart and a government-issued ID.

As of 2022, Walmarts in the states of New Jersey and New York are not accepting personal checks for cashing.

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