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Checking Account Number

The owner of an account usually identified using a unique string of numbers may be or mixed with numbers and letters, and this number called checking account number. As far as the United States of America is concerned, in this technological era, it can be said that the whole important account number for several people is the checking account number.

Importance of checking account number

Even if it is electronic checks or paper checks, the checking account number is very important. Things that display at the bottom side of the check, routing number and the bank account number are vital as far as a transaction is concerned.

More about checking account number.

The checking account number is a unique identifier of your bank account. It gives information for the bank regarding from which account the money should be debited or to which bank account the cash should be credited. When a customer is going for an electronic purchase or wire transfers or even in the case of direct deposits, it’s a must that the customer should know the checking account number. And any mistake in the account number entering will result in delayed payments, or maybe the payment would not reach the account.

Checking Account Number
Checking Account Number

How to find the checking account number on a check?

Banking experts say that usually relevant bank-related data on a check will provide at the bottom side of the check. There will be a bank routing number at the bottom side, and next to this number, there will be the checking accounting number. It may be approximately 12 digits and changes according to the banks.

If you do not have a check with you, the next best way to identify your check number is to go for the bank statement. Ask your bank regarding your monthly bank statement, or it can be there at the account statement that is sent byte banks usually to their customers every month. Another method to identify your account number is to go for online banking, where you can see login with your id and password and receive the checking account number. It can be easily done from a smartphone or using a laptop.

Checking Account Number

Does one bank give different account numbers for a customer?

If a customer has a savings account and a checking account at a single bank, there is a probability that the same customer will have two different account numbers. In this case, it is very vital dealing with multiple account numbers as wrong checks and wrong payments will make. If you have a savings account and a checking account at the same bank, you likely will have two different account numbers — one for each account. It’s important to know which account you intend to use for a given transaction before looking for the account number.

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