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What is a Remotely Created Check?

Jun 28, 2021 | Check Draft powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank, Texas National Bank, and East-West Bank.

In the United States, Remotely Created Check (RCC) is really popular and is commonly known as Demand Draft. It is also called a telecheck, check by phone, and check by fax or eChecks. Remotely Created Check is the order of payment created by the payee using a phone, mail, or any other media of communication. Even though the payment order is created by the payee, authorization from the account holder is a must. Otherwise, it becomes illegal. The downside to consider, one big drawback of this is that it poses a huge security threat. However, in a lot of ways, this problem can be fixed.

Unlike usual situations, the check is created from a remote place where the account holder will not be in a position to hand over the check or send the check to the payee, and instead, the payee himself will create the check. Hence it is called Remotely Created Check. All the banking details a check needs might have to transfer over the phone or fax or internet by the account holder to the payee. As the account holder will be remote, the signature of the account holder or the payer will not be available. Because of this reason, in the place of signature “authorized by drawer” will be written. By using Remotely Created Check, the payments can be processed quickly and in a secured manner.

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Which sector usually makes use of Remotely Created Check in the United States

Which sector usually makes use of Remotely Created Check in the United States?

Specifically, it can be said that Remotely Created Check is not confined to the usage of a particular sector and this especially holds true as it is widely used by credit card companies, utility companies, and telemarketers. In fact, almost all customers from different sectors have been into the creation of Remotely Created Check. To speed up the payment to a creditor, or while buying a product through phone or internet Remotely Created Check is commonly used. There will be certain challenges you might run into because of insufficient funds, if the initial paper check is returned to compensate the merchant, remotely created checks can be used. Draft transactions initiated by collection agencies and mutual funds from checking accounts for payment plan establishment also involve remotely created checks and this fits in well with today’s instant-access world.

An illustration regarding the usage Remotely Created check or Demand Draft

An illustration regarding the usage Remotely Created check or Demand Draft

A Remotely Created Check is generally used by almost all in the United States. Below mentioned is a practical example of how a demand draft is created. Mr. Robert is a mid-sized business owner of a furniture company and he purchases furniture products from Premium Furniture Inc. worth $3500. That means Mr. Robert owes Premium Furniture Inc. a sum of $3500. Being far away and not in a position to issue or send a check, Mr. Robert can authorize Premium Inc. to withdraw $3500 from his account against the purchase made.

Getting the approval, Premium Inc. started creating a check on behalf of Mr. Robert. For this purpose, the company needs all the banking details of Mr. Robert such as his bank account number and the bank routing number. These details can be provided to the company by Mr. Robert over the phone, fax, or online. After receiving these details, the accountant of the company creates a check. Instead of the signature of Mr. Robert, in the same area, “no signature required” is written by the company and then gives this check to the particular bank where Mr. Robert has his account for collecting the amount. The amount is either collected from the bank or is sent by the bank to the account of Premium Inc. While taking a look at the details, the idea of this type of payment is called Remotely Created Check as it is created remotely in the absence of the account holder.

Why are remotely Created Checks better than credit card-based transactions

Why are remotely Created Checks better than credit card-based transactions?

The Remotely Created Check possesses very little total risk exposure and can be better managed, say the banking experts. The popularity of demand drafts is increasing after the Check21 Act. Watching closely it is commonly used by merchants, apartment owners, and in utility business everyday transactions really utilize the facilities offered by demand draft; – Powered by Zil Money provides a secure way for those who are looking for a trouble-free way of creating Demand Draft thus helps to get the job done. These days, Checks can be generated remotely in a cheap manner and the user can make a savings of 80% on check printing expenses. Take the consent from the account holder and initiate check creation. In case, if you don’t want to spend more on pre-printed checks, here is one alternative that can be explored.

Checks can be created remotely using OnlineCheckWriter and print checks on blank check stock. Blank check papers are inexpensive and are available at any office supply store nearby. After creating and filling the check remotely, it can be printed on blank check papers using any basic home-office printer. The check can be deposited into the bank account just like any other check. It’s important to remember that the Bank draft created by OnlineCheckWriter does not have any transaction fees or Gateway fees like credit cards or ACH. It is the cheapest way to get paid over the phone, faxes, online, or link right away and avoids waiting for a shipment of pre-printed checks.

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