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What is ABA number?

American Banking Association (ABA) number is also known as the bank routing number, which is a code that consists of nine digits. This nine-digit code helps banking institutions in transferring money from a particular bank or to a specific bank. This cash transfer is associated with direct deposit, automatic bill payments, etc. Routing itself means making a path or making a route, and obviously, ABA numbers or routing numbers help people route the location of the account.

How did ABA number originate?

It all started more than 100 years before; to be specific in 1910, the American Bankers Association began introducing ABA number for identifying all the payment issuing banks. In other sense, it is a unique identifier of each payment issuing financial institutions. It is the process of ABA number introduced to reduce the confusion regarding paper checks processing. During those times, paper checks were a common form of cash transaction.
ABA number has evolved now the basis for Federal Reserve Process and even for more modern types of electronic payments.

How can one find and use ABA number?

ABA number of an account is available from different sources. It is very much apparent on the checkbooks as it will encrypt the bottom side of every check.
ABA number, which will usually be a nine-digit number, will be printed at the bottom side of every check, in the case of personal checks and computer-generated checks. Deposit slips also possess ABA numbers basically at the same place.
Another method for getting the ABA number is to approach the bank directly. During the time of online banking, log in to find the right answers. Directly contacting the customer service center will also help to receive ABA number.

Importance of using the correct ABA number

ABA number

Usually, banks possess several ABA numbers; hence it is essential to use the particular ABA number according to the account number. ABA number will vary according to the opening banks' branch

Different types

Even though you will be aware of the apt ABA number for ordering the checks, electronic bill payments and wire transfers have different types of ABA numbers.

Address provider of the account

An ABA number usually functions as an address provider of the account. Hence these ABA numbers are also known as Routing Transit Numbers (RTNs) or check routing numbers.

Use the correct number

Your bank may have several ABA numbers, so it’s essential to use one specific to your account. ABA numbers may differ depending on where you opened your account, and bank mergers can result in multiple codes for the same bank.

How ABA number system function?

Your ABA number and your bank account number is very much essential for transactions. All sorts of cash transactions based on these two numbers only.

Print check with magnetic link

Generally, routing numbers or ABA numbers will print on the checks with magnetic ink. Special machines that are crafted to read these numbers identify ABA numbers easily. Hardly matters whether magnetic ink presented or not, MICR font used by most printers, which will make the process easy for computers to identify the numbers.

What is ABA's role in check processing?

All the check processing speed catalyzed by using ABA number. With the introduction Check 21 Act in the year 2004, All the physical checks that used to take much time are cleared instantly electronically.

How did the nine digits evolve?

It has been candid that the ABA number consists of a total of nine digits. The Federal reserve routing system assigns the initial four digits; however, as a result of a lot of acquisitions and mergers in the banking field, these numbers cannot exactly tell the checking account location nowadays. Apart from that, the fifth and the sixth number will indicate the location of the federal reserve bank and its electronic and wire transferring routes. Subsequently, the eighth digit usually denotes the Federal Reserve check processing number, and the eighth number represents the location of the federal reserve district. Interestingly the ninth number indicates the checksum, and it is confusing mathematical output of the first eight numbers.

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