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Accept Payments Online easily through the cloud-based platform and avoid tiring bank days. You can start paying and receiving money more easily than ever from the comfort of your home or office. The platform offers various payment options, such as printable checks, eChecks, check drafts, ACH, wire transfer, or RTP. Businesses can choose the payment method that best suits their need.

Book A Demo Overnight Check Mailing powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.



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All-In-One Mobile App

Seamless Payment Solutions

Choose the payment option that suits your needs, and let take care of the rest. Whether a one-time payment or a recurring schedule, the platform can help you find a customized solution. With this improved system, there are no more obstacles to meeting your payment obligations!

Our Features AP/AR - Powered by Zil Money offers a wide range of payment features to make your business transactions secure and flexible. Now you can pay and receive payments with the easy-to-use software and dive into the journey.

Check Printing

Create and print business checks at your office desk with a drag and drop design.


Pay or get paid one-time or recurring ACH/RTP with low transaction fees.


Integrate with the top third-party applications.

Pay Bill

Pay Bills Online, Schedule them, Manage suppliers, and reduce risk.

Payments by Credit Card

Now pay by credit card even if they don't accept them.

Wire Transfer

Transfer money electronically from one financial institution to other.

Deposit Slips

Instantly create & print the deposit slip of any Bank. Keep track & auto reconcile it.


Create invoice to your customer and send link through email.

Cloud Bank

Open an online checking account with no hidden charges.

Email Check

Send your checks as a one-time printable pdf with a tracking facility.

Payment Link

Create an HTML form or link to receive payments.


Give access to accountant or clients with a role based user and approval process.

Check Mailing

Check mailing without leaving your desk. We print and mail it by USPS/FedEx.

Digital Checks

Digitize your paper checks and make your payments via email or text.

Bank Data

Connect & reconcile, Categorize from Any Financial Institution automatically.

API/White Label

Interactive developer-friendly API. Complete white label solution.

Cross Platform Support

Install the user-friendly app on your mobile devices to access the features whenever and wherever you like, and use it on the platforms you want to handle all of your financial matters in one place.

Cross Platform Support
All-In-One Mobile App

All-In-One Mobile App

You can transfer money seamlessly using iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. All you have to do is download it from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. You can easily process ACH, Wire, and RTP payments without any hassle.

Easy To Access

Instant access to your account anywhere, anytime.

High Security

Secured with Encryption, Fraud Detection, and Infrastructure.

Easy Payment

Efficiently transfer funds to where they're needed.

Banks and Accounting Software Integrations easily connects with 22,000+ banks and financial institutions, allowing you to link multiple bank accounts with their specific check formats. Additionally, it offers solutions for bank reconciliation and is integrated with various payroll and accounting software.

Cross Platform Support


How to accept credit card payments?

With, your payee can accept payments as ACH, wire, checks, etc., if they don't accept credit cards.

How to accept online payments?

There are many steps in between the process. When you use a credit card to make a purchase, the amount you charge is added to what you owe, typically your credit card's balance. Your balance is not just the sum of your purchases, however. It also includes the interest you owe on your balance and any fees and penalties the card issuer has charged you. To accept online payments, select a secure payment gateway like

How do I receive payment?

Use for small business accounting to easily receive online payments via card, ACH, wire, and other methods. This software allows you to create and customize invoices, making it simple for customers to pay online using cards or checks.

Accounts Payable vs Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable and Receivable are key terms in business accounting. Accounts Payable is the money a business owes its suppliers for credit-based purchases, while Accounts Receivable is the money customers owe for credit-based sales. In short, accounts payable are liabilities and accounts receivable are assets. Properly managing both is crucial for a business's financial well-being.


Zil Money's payment processing system offers efficiency, security, and ease of use. It streamlines transactions, ensures timely payments, and provides robust encryption for data security. Additionally, its user-friendly interface simplifies the process for both businesses and clients, enhancing overall satisfaction.




Zil Money makes it easy for us to keep track of bills that are due and paid for our small business. We have several different checking accounts to pay from and switching back and forth is very easy. Some of our vendors still require checks for payment and printing them is straightforward as well. We don't use some of the other features yet but may look into them in the future as our business grows.




User-Friendly Interface: Zil Money's interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making it accessible for users of varying technical proficiency.




Ease of deployment and use. Normally, a switch like this is both time-consuming and confusing, but in this case, it was super easy.




The dashboard and the customer support are amazing! Never has a company been there like Zil Money and answered all my questions before letting me go. Thank you.




I love that I am able to process payments and do ACH transfers very easily.




I like that I can use multiple payment methods and that my data is always secure.




Easy to use, friendly customer support team.