Accounts Receivable

Sales or service made but not get paid yet. You deserve 100 percent of account receivable without giving any cuts to Master, Visa, Amex or ACH fee.

Switch to email checks. Request or receive checks through email. Set it up for one time, recurring or open. Print and Deposit

Calculate how much money you were paying into transaction fees when you have a significant number of transactions, Accounts Receivable Turnover like apartments, service providers, associations, Tax collectors, Insurances, even 501c Charites,

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Print Remote Checks

It is often called Bank draft check draft, a check printed by Merchants with proper authorization of the payee. Bank draft or remote checks does not require any signature by law. You can set it for recurring payments one time or open.

Request Checks Via email

This is the easiest and quickest way to get paid. Request a check via email, once your payee/clients approve it, print and deposit just like a regular check. You can set it for one time recurring or open according to your authorization from the payee.

Get Paid with no Fee

There is no transaction fee, Gateway or ACH fee to any companies associated with the bank draft, Chek Draft, remote check or email checks. You get 100% of your face value of the checks. Moreover, keep up all your payments with our smart reports.

Additional Feature: Accounts Receivable

Request via email for free

Print and deposit once they approve it or make it as a recurring automated approval

Keep track of everything with smart reports

Add employee with limited access.

Print deposit slip on white paper on any printer.

Did You Know…

Receivables asset is one of the most substantial tangible assets on a company’s balance sheet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do email checks work for account receivable?

Send an email request to the Clients who owe you, and once they approve it, the check will be ready to print in your receivable list. You can set it for automatic approval for recurring payment or open.

Can I set it up for an automatic recurring payment receivable?

Yes, you can. One your clients who owe you approve for a recurring approval it will be automated.

How much it cost?

There is no extra fee for automation other than your monthly subscription which is starting from $49 per year, and it goes up to Enterprise level.

Online Check Writer can really help you seamlessly automate your Accounts receivable and Accounts Payable with easy to use API. Need more! Invest with us.

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