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May 16, 2023 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

In the digital age, businesses require efficient and convenient solutions to streamline their financial operations. As a result, printing checks is a crucial part of many organizations’ daily routines, and – Powered by Zil Money offers a seamless and user-friendly platform for businesses to create, print, and organize checks. With the platform, you can generate checks from your computer or mobile device and print them using a regular printer.

Streamlined Check Printing

With, businesses can create checks quickly and easily. There is no need to order pre-printed checks anymore. All you need to print checks with this platform are some blank check stocks and a printer. Using the drag-and-drop tools, checks can be designed effortlessly. This will save you about 80% on check printing costs. The platform also provides various pre-designed check templates for different business needs, ensuring a professional and polished look for your checks.

Convenient Check Printing

Gone are the days of relying on pre-printed checks. Instead, the platform enables you to print checks from the comfort of your office or anywhere you have internet access. If you’re printing MICR-encoded checks, you only need a regular printer, blank check stock, and magnetic ink (MICR toner). The platform supports different check formats, including business, personal, and payroll checks. In addition, the platform generates checks in PDF format, which you can easily print on blank check stock using any standard printer. The checks can also be emailed. 

Enhanced Security Measures

Security is a top concern when it comes to printing checks. incorporates advanced security features to protect your check printing process. The platform utilizes cutting-edge encryption technology to safeguard your sensitive financial information. It also offers options for multi-factor authentication, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access and print checks. With the platform, you can have peace of mind knowing that your check printing activities are secure and protected from unauthorized access or tampering. 

Cost-Effective Solution 

Printing checks in-house with is a cost-effective alternative to using pre-printed checks. Printing checks on blank check stock eliminates the need to purchase expensive pre-printed checks in bulk. Moreover, the platform offers different pricing plans tailored to the needs of businesses, ensuring affordability and scalability. With the ability to print checks on demand, you can reduce wastage and efficiently manage your inventory. The platform’s cost-effective approach empowers businesses of all sizes to optimize their financial operations without breaking the bank.

Conclusion revolutionizes the process of printing checks by providing a user-friendly platform that allows businesses to create, print, and organize checks easily. From streamlined check creation and convenient check printing to enhanced security measures and comprehensive check management, the platform offers a complete solution for businesses’ check printing needs.

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