Online Check Writer has launched an improved cloud bank, aiming to offer users a more intuitive and efficient banking experience.

New Cloud Bank Features: A Closer Look

Virtual Cards

Users can experience the convenience of using virtual cards. Easily make store purchases by tapping your phone and sending virtual card payments effortlessly. You can also keep track of your spending in real-time through the cloud bank.

Get Paid and Make Payments

You can make convenient online bill payments and efficiently receive funds. Simplify your financial transactions by securely sending invoices and receiving payments through the user-friendly cloud bank.

Remotely Open US Accounts

Cloud bank enables foreigners to open US bank accounts remotely, eliminating geographical barriers. Easily conduct business transactions, pay vendors, and manage client payments in the US without being physically present. You only need documents such as passports, a statement of purpose, and essential documentation.

ACH and Wires

Users can effortlessly transfer funds through ACH and domestic wire transfers. The platform ensures a hassle-free process, making financial transactions smoother and more convenient.

Getting Started with Cloud Banking

Users can start experiencing the benefits of cloud banking once the verification process is completed. The platform prioritizes security and efficiency to provide users with a seamless banking experience.

Future Enhancements: Phase 2 Upgrade

Get ready for an even more exciting cloud banking experience in the Phase 2 upgrade! The new upgrades will include international wires, managing multiple accounts, currency exchange options, physical cards, and more.’s cloud bank is dedicated to consistently improving to meet your changing needs and expectations.

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