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Online Check Writer: The Best CHAX Alternative for Your Check Writing Needs

May 31, 2022 | Check Printing Software powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

With the advent of cost-effective and feature-rich platforms like – Powered by Zil Money, choices like Chax, Vistaprint, and brick-and-mortar banks are starting to lose their edge in the banking industry. While the world is still trying to get back on its feet from the Covid chaos, the behavioral shifts that transpired will have a lasting impact on the way consumers and businesses interact with each other for years to come. These new mechanisms give consumers new ways to engage with their banks and remove restrictions that are usually associated with traditional banks. 

Whether it’s past, present, or future, banking has always been the most integral pillar that supported businesses of all scales. The beginning of the 21st century saw a drastic acceleration in card-based transactions. However, today we regularly see alternative methods for check printing, payment tools, and innovative technological advancements taking center stage in the banking market. What’s so exciting about these new alternatives is how they break the notions and practices once accepted worldwide as normal.

Today, consumers expect real-time, omnichannel access to their bank accounts and other financial data. Businesses need to shift their priorities and embrace the potential of technology in order to be successful in this digital era of banking.

Online Check Writer

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Future-Proof Your Payments Environment

Cloud-based, next-generation banks are disrupting the banking industry as we speak. Instant payment transactions, check printing services, and fee-free ACH & Wire transfers are just some of the benefits even the so-called “advanced” banks can’t offer due to their use of outdated technology. This is why it’s more important than ever those businesses should harness modern technologies to transform. Whether you run a small or large business, you can save time and money by printing your own checks. In the past, large printing companies or banks handled check printing, but today you can print checks at the convenience of your home or office on blank check stock if you have access to platforms like Online Check Writer.

Unlike CHAX, Online Check Writer blends features and functionalities users actually need. It’s no coincidence that Online Check Writer fits like a glove for small and medium scale businesses. If there’s one spot where the software always hits a home run, it’s their intricately developed services that small and medium businesses enjoy. Using Online Check Writer to manage your expenses and finances efficiently can be the difference between keeping your small business afloat or closing your doors.

5 Things to Look for in an Online Check Writing Software

For your business to operate smoothly, setting up a quality payment system is necessary. Streamlining your payment processing and check writing processes are some of the compelling ways you can quickly improve the operations of your business. Your business will eventually experience cash flow issues without the required tools to process your payments accurately. Adopting Online Check Writer into your business can help you eradicate problems associated with business payment transactions.

  1. Reduced Cost: One of the main reasons numerous businesses have changed their check-writing practices is because of its cost-effective properties. While outdated and traditional check printing practices require more money and coordination, Online Check Writer is easy-to-use and more affordable. By using digital checks or eChecks, your business will also be able to save a considerable amount of time and effort. The money and effort you save can then be directed to improve your business’s bottom line significantly.
  2. Adaptable and Easy to Use: No matter what, the payment processing software you use should be easy to use and must be able to adapt to changes in the future. Changing the appearance of the checks, the size of the checks, incorporating various security features, and adding brand colours and logos are all different ways your checks can have a much more personal and professional touch. Having the option to print deposit slips easily and the availability of numerous money management and accounting services can also positively impact your brand.
  3. Added Security – Positive Pay: Any time you discuss online banking or payment processing, the topic of security will always work its way into the conversation. Moreover, when selecting a check writing platform, you obviously want to choose someone you can trust. With Online Check Writer, you will be much more secure than businesses that still use traditional banks. Additionally, advanced features like positive pay will help you actively combat check fraud. It has to be kept in mind that if your sensitive banking information falls into the wrong hands, it will not only disrupt your monthly cash flows but also severely damage your relationships with vendors and clients. In addition, having an accurate record of all the checks you have written will make it easier to resolve and identify any accounting abnormalities.
  4. Check Printing and Mailing: There is no doubt that a significant portion of the population has shifted their payment transaction tool to credit and debit cards. However, several occasions still arise where your business will need to print and mail paper checks. Check printing and mailing services are generally pretty straightforward, but it’s essential to choose the right one that suits your business, or you will immediately run into problems that can be potentially detrimental to your business. Online Check Writer is a cloud-based software that allows you to send and receive paper checks, eChecks, ACH payments, Wire Transfer, $1 Check By Mail service, etc., to give your business more flexibility over time.
  5. Flexible Payment Options: Working with an advanced platform like Online Check Writer makes it much easier to offer payment transaction methods that different vendors and clients prefer. For example, some businesses may want to be paid via paper checks, while others may prefer ACH payments or eChecks. Furthermore, flexible payment options will help your business enhance your accounts payable and accounts receivable. Online Check Writer also allows you to access information from anywhere, at any time. Moreover, you can even use it via your mobile phone by downloading the app. Having increased flexibility like this can undeniably help your business flourish.

Wrapping Up

If your business hopes to remain competitive in this digital era, you need to be willing to make a few changes. Using software that focuses on check printing, payment, and mailing services can position your business for success.

Deciding to streamline your check writing processes and payment processing with Online Check Writer can help your business save time, avoid human mistakes, and ultimately increase your cash flow. Moreover, it brings greater efficiency, agility, and competitiveness and offers several advantages that help businesses drive down costs and gain real-time visibility into their cash flow.

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