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Payment by eCheck, Eliminates the Need to Use Paper Checks

Feb 16, 2023 | eChecks powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

eChecks, also known as digital or electronic checks, are a secure and efficient alternative to traditional payment methods. They allow for fast transfers of funds between bank accounts and can be created and sent from any device. – Powered by Zil Money is a platform that provides quick and easy access to eChecks, offering lower transaction fees and a secure transfer of funds. Whether you are an individual or running a business, provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for making and receiving payment by eCheck.

What Is an eCheck?

An eCheck, also known as an electronic check or digital check, is a form of payment that is processed electronically over the internet or another data network. It serves the same purpose as a traditional paper check, but since it is in electronic form, it can be processed faster. eChecks use the ACH network to transfer funds from the payer’s account to the payee’s account or you can send the eCheck via email and the receiver can use as a normal check. eChecks are becoming more popular due to the convenience and speed they offer, and online platforms like offer the ability to create and send eChecks on-demand with many benefits. Payment by eCheck is a walk in the park thanks to our platform.

How Does eCheck Processing Work?

eChecks are designed to simplify the payment process, and this electronic method consists of four straightforward steps:

  • Authorization Request: The customer making the payment must grant permission to deduct the requested amount from their account. This can be done through a signed order form, voice approval, or an online payment form.
  • Payment Setup: After authorization, the merchant inputs the relevant financial information (such as the checking account and routing number) into the online payment gateway.
  • Transaction Completion: The payment gateway verifies the financial information and submits the payment to the merchant’s bank. The payment is then transmitted to the ACH network to begin the eCheck transaction process.
  • Payment Confirmation: The transaction amount is then withdrawn from the customer’s checking account, deposited into the business’s account, and a payment receipt is sent to the customer as confirmation.

With these four steps, eChecks offer a more efficient payment method than traditional methods. The ease of use and lower processing costs are among the reasons for eChecks’ growing popularity.

How Are Paper Checks and eChecks Different?

While both paper checks and eChecks serve the same purpose, there are several notable differences between the two. It’s important to note that eChecks are an electronic version of paper checks.

The most obvious difference is the technology used, with eChecks being used for online transactions and paper checks being used for in-person transactions as a physical form of payment.

Some other key differences between paper checks and eChecks include:

  • Faster Processing: eChecks have a quicker processing time due to fewer steps involved.
  • Improved Security: eChecks have added security features such as authentication, encryption, and digital signatures, making them safer than paper checks.
  • Vulnerability to Errors or Fraud: Paper checks is more susceptible to human error or malicious activity, such as forgery or loss/theft.
  • Higher Cost: Paper checks typically incur more printing, mailing, and handling costs.
  • Data Storage Capabilities: eChecks offer unlimited data storage capabilities, while paper checks require manual entry of information to keep records.

While eChecks are gaining popularity, and there are predictions of paper checks becoming obsolete in the near future, both forms of payment remain relevant in various industries and markets.

How Long Does It Take an eCheck to Clear?

Since each provider has a slightly different eCheck clearance process, eCheck processing timeframes vary. Usually, the funds are validated 24 to 48 hours after the transaction is initiated. If the payer has the required funds in their checking account, the transaction is typically cleared within three to five business days, at which point the funds are delivered to the payee’s account.

With, Payment by eCheck can be made through email or text messages. Our platform also allows you to convert a paper check into an electronic transfer using the information on the check. You can print it on white paper or traditional check paper. eCheck payments provide a convenient alternative to physical checks, offering the same functionality and the ability to send as an ACH transfer or via email.

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