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An electronic check, also known as e-check, performs the same function as a traditional paper check. It is quicker and faster and less expensive. Send a Next-Generation Digital Checks instantly.

Pay and get paid instantly by email check. It is free and fast. Email a check and let the payee print and deposit it. Request a check via email – print it and deposit it. Quicker and no more waiting for checks in the mail.

What is an electronic check?

It is a method of payment made by the internet in the form of a check. It is performed accurately like a traditional check, but quicker, faster, and free.

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What are the Benefits of Electronic Checks?

It is the fact that the cost part if considered while issuing an electronic check, is very less. It differs from a paper check in the sense physical paper checks are not needed while dealing with electronic checks. Above all, electronic checks never ask for any physical postage for any out of the organization transactions. In short, create checks, email it, and keep track of it. Let your payee print it.

How does an electronic check works?

It is a straightforward process. You create check online and click “email.” Your payee will receive the check through email. Your payee gets an email notification to print it. It is allowed to print only one time by your payee for safety and security reason. You will be able to track of checks being viewed and printed by your payee. Send paper-Less Digital checks also and make a direct deposit to your payee account.

Sending Checks via email

Just email your checks to the payee, and the payee can take a print out the same checks on blank check paper. Later, they can deposit those checks in any banks.

For security reasons the receiver can take the print of checks only once and for further print outs, they have to contact the sender.

Additional Feature of Electronic Checks

Economically viable checks

Performs just the same as paper checks

No stamps, No envelops, Email it

Keep track of every check emailed

No postage charges are incurred irrespective of distance.

It can be processed at any time any day.

The reliability factor assured without any errors.

Did You Know…

Electronic checks costs an amount which is much lower than any credit card available now in the financial market.
No Credit card. Cancel any time you need.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are electronic checks and paper checks same?

Yes. Both of them functions in the same way but one works electronically and hence instantly.

Are electronic checks secure?

Electronic checks are absolutely secure and also all the transactions are legally protected like the paper checks.

How much time it takes for transaction through e-checks?

It is instant. Just create checks and email it.

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