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Streamlining American Express Credit Card Payments for Small Businesses

May 11, 2024 | Pay By Credit Card powered by Zil Money is a financial technology company, not a bank or an FDIC member. offers banking services through partnership with FDIC member banks Silicon Valley Bank and Texas National Bank.

Vendors are often unwilling to accept credit card payments since this method usually involves transaction fees for both the sender and receiver. However, with the cloud-based platform, this is no longer a problem. The payee no longer has to pay any transaction fees. American Express Credit Card Payment is a simple process through the platform.

Revolutionizing Small Business Payments – Powered by Zil Money brings about a shift in the manner in which small businesses handle payments. The platform enables businesses to make credit card payments, even if the recipient does not accept such transactions. This provides organizations with flexibility and facilitates more efficient financial management. A simpler interface enhances the user experience of the platform.

Enhancing Payment Adaptability

Payees may receive payments via ACH, Check, or Wire. By taking into account the varying preferences and needs of the payees, this feature enhances the adaptability of – Powered by Zil Money. By selecting the payment methods that are most practical for both the business and the customer, organizations can facilitate simplified transactions. Additionally, points can be earned for every credit card payment, resulting in financial rewards. This innovative feature simplifies and incentivizes transactions, benefiting business owners.

Stand Out and Save

In addition to the credit card services, one key highlight of – Powered by Zil Money is its feature, check customization. Users can customize their checks according to their wishes. This gives their brand attention and also professionalism. Additionally, users can print their checks on blank stock papers, which can be collected from any nearby office store. Printing checks on blank stock papers can save up to 80% of your check printing costs compared to pre-printed checks. – Powered by Zil Money, signifies a shift for small enterprises by providing an excess of versatility in payment processing. By facilitating credit card payments devoid of transaction fees for the recipient, a significant obstacle to acceptance is effectively eradicated. Moreover, the platform’s wide array of payment options, like ACH, Check, and Wire, ensures flexibility in accommodating diverse preferences. In conjunction with customizable checks and substantial cost reductions, – Powered by Zil Money establishes itself as an all-encompassing, effective, and economical instrument for contemporary financial administration.

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